Done Up before Sun Up

‘Would you ever be seen in public in your pajamas?!’ ‘Never!’

Yesterday, some ladies and I met at the Broadmoor Hotel for coffee in, Julie’s Cafe. Julie as in, Julie Penrose. She and her husband, Spencer Penrose were among the group of people who helped found, and shape our fair city.

I had a wonderful time at the hotel. First reason, handsome men open the door for you after polite valets take your name and park your vehicle. Second, the hotel has recently undergone a major make over (some of it is still going on). It is turning out beautiful. It is looking more and more like a high end hotel should look. There were what I call, ‘conversation nooks’ installed through out the lobby. Small, cozy areas with leather seats, books, and some with fireplaces. It was delightful! The ladies behind the pastry counter at, Julie’s Cafe′ were attentive, the pastries remarkable (I forgot to take a photograph of them but I did manage to capture an image of this impressive wedding cake).

The gray marks across the counter are not artifacts of the image. They are tree branches and part of the mural on the other walls of the cafe.


There were cute ladies, dressed for the day, walking all around the hotel. Notice the earrings on the woman on the left. When women have shorter hair, larger earrings look better than on women with long hair unless their hair is pulled back or up.

The woman on the right is wearing a look that is SO 1980’s-1990’s. That fashion era is back BIG time these days and she is working it! I would bet dollars to donuts that these three items; hat, shawl, coat- are originals that she had tucked away waiting for the return of that time period’s fashion.

The ladies in today’s photo look great! Thank you ladies for showing us that beauty, and love of self, has no age limit.





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