Done up before sun up


I’m starting a new photo series called: Done Up Before Sun Up.

In the above photo, this lady’s hair is done. Her outfit is cute and coordinated (except for the super cute hot pink sneakers she is wearing). Look at her cute gold lame’, over-the- shoulder purse. As I run around doing errands, I run across many older ladies who are, ‘done up’. They would NEVER entertain the idea of walking out of the house without at least their hair done and lipstick on. A highly noticeable contrast to many younger people who roll out of bed and go out in public in their bed clothes, or with their pants hanging off their butts.

Here is to the ladies who still ‘dress’ to go out.

Toast GIF - Toast GreatGatsby LeonardoDicaprio - Discover ...

Thank you for setting the gold standard in what it means to be a lady.

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