Holy Theophany


It was, Holy Theophany last night at temple. We were blessed to have the Bishop with us to celebrate. He is here because one of the deacons is being ordained today. I’m not going. I hate being in crowds and today promises to be especially crowded.

Holy Theophany celebrates the baptism of Christ.

Orthodox Way of Life: Theophany - More than Blessing of Waters
The blue figure at the bottom of the river is a demon. When, Jesus was baptized, He cleansed all the waters of the world.

It is also the time of year when people can receive water specially blessed for this occasion. Orthodox priests go around blessing the major waterways in their area.

You know he is cold!

There is so much to celebrate and commemorate in the Orthodox Church. If the place where you worship has lost touch with important events from the bible and has no reverence for the things that are Holy… why are you still attending?

Perhaps 2019 is the year for you to explore Orthodoxy?


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