What has to happen before a person removes all vegetables from their diet?

Constantly being sick from what I ate convinced me to stop eating vegetables.


I started my 30 day carnivore diet yesterday. Yes, carnivore. Carnivore as in buh-bye paleo. No veggies AT ALL. I am eating eggs and dairy but absolutely no vegetables will be consumed. I have tried to eat vegetables. They do not want to be eaten. Their defenses against being eaten are mighty. I am not a bunny. I cannot digest most vegetables.

Years of stomach cramps and diarrhea whenever I eat vegetables has convinced me to stop eating them and to try eating 100% (well except for the eggs & dairy)  the carnivore way.

I am keeping track of my weight and some measurements. I will not be providing before and after pics. Meat was given to us by God in Genesis 9:3. Perhaps as a consultation knowing that everything is now tainted because of The Fall? I don’t know. Eating animals is necessary for me. It is a sad part of my life but unavoidable.

If you are experiencing health issues, not just digestion related but other diseases such as but not limited to; diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, some mental health disorders, etc. perhaps it’s time to take a look at your diet and make some changes? I would start by eliminating all nuts, seeds, grains, beans and legumes. Many of these are processed incorrectly and contain mold. Additionally, they contain a substance called ‘lectins’. These lectins are part of the toxins in plants as a natural defense against being eaten. It’s poison. some foods contain more lectins than others. some food, such as meats, eggs, and dairy (to name a few) do not contain any lectins.

Here is a list of foods high in lectins. LINK

If you eat these foods and you feel ill, you may want to remove them from your diet altogether and see how you feel. If you do and you feel better… let me know.