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I was wrapping Christmas presents yesterday morning before dashing out the door to go to church. I grabbed the tissue paper to place it in the tops of the sacks. As I did, I noticed this writing on the back (pictured above) guys, it’s DIRECTIONS on how to use the tissue paper. Really?! This is so sad. Did someone out there write to the tissue company and complain that they could not figure out how to use the tissue? There are people that need to be told these things!

There are hairdryers with warnings not to use them while bathing. There are suppository labels telling people; DO NOT EAT! NOT FOR ORAL USE! -and on and on. When did we lose the ability to think for ourselves? I meet so many people these days who are VERY by-the-book. No wiggle room for independent thinking. This is especially prevalent when it comes to healthcare, ‘science’, nutrition information, and many other topics. So many people just want to be told what to know, what to do, how to live. It’s scary and exhausting.

When I was taking some art classes a few months ago, one of the students was talking about what she had read in an art book. Specifically, what type of colored pencils to use. The author of the book recommended a brand that had changed some things in the manufacturing of their pencils and the quality was not as good. I knew this because I had watched several videos and read articles written about this on art blogs and vlogs.

The art books this woman had read were written and published before the changes had happened with these pencils. I tried tot ell her that the pencils were no longer the best choice and that I suspected when she finally did attend the colored pencil class that a different brand of pencils would most likely be recommended. She could not hear what I was trying to tell her. She was adamant that what she had read in the art book was accurate (it was at the time but now… no). I let it go. You cannot tell people what they do not know until they are ready to hear it.

The same is true with food.

Many people are converting to higher meat/fat diets and leaving vegetables behind and finding it is improving their health. They get excited at their new, improved health and start telling friends and family who are also sick & dying prematurely, all about their new fountain of improved health & vitality. Their friends and family who are SICK… and DYING while eating however they are eating (usually fast food and/or the Standard American Diet) freak out and call the carnivore/paleo/keto enthusiast, ‘nut’s, ‘dangerous’, ‘ill-informed’, etc.  Like the, ‘pencil lady’ they know what they know because they either read it in an online ‘science’ article, or heard it on t.v. (like THAT’S such a great source of impartial information) or worse ‘ a friend of a friend is eating vegan & like you know they are doing great so I’ll try it too’. Now, not all second hand information is wrong per se, as long as you do your research. A word of caution about researching any thing on the Internet. Your search engine is trying to brain wash you.  Many times have I typed in, ‘eating meat’ or ‘animals eating meat’ into the search engine only to have anti-meat/vegan propaganda come up in the results. When you search for information on meat, you can try adding (-vegan) without the parentheses. It helps a bit in reducing the vegan attempts at brainwashing you into thinking eating meat is bad.

If how you are living is not working for you… and you actually have the wherewithal to realize it is not working for you make the changes you need to to be the healthiest and happiest person you can be. Also, be careful about who you tell about your new found fountain of youth. People don’t know what they don’t know and they fear change, being wrong and realizing they too need to change, that they will often sabotage those around them who are making progress in order to be able to stay in their own safe place.

I have fallen into this trap on many occasions. I’m done. Unless someone asks me out of a genuine desire to change themselves, and not just asking so that they can tell me five different ways how I am wrong while they continue to need pills and surgery, I’m done telling people (except obviously here on my blog) what I am doing for my health.

In the mean time, let’s begin to make changes to improve our health, and lead better lives.

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