Do you know what you don’t know?

When I was in school, I never studied something if I thought I already knew about the subject. I  also was shocked when my teachers would ask me, ‘Why didn’t you ask questions?’. The later had nothing to do with the former. I just never knew what questions to ask. If the topic was new, how am I supposed to know what I don’t know? What questions am I supposed to ask when I am unfamiliar with a topic?

File:Chineseherbjars.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Chinese herbs. Photo from Wikimedia commons.

This way of thinking is prevalent in our western society where pharmaceutical companies rule medicine and how people are treated.

Mark Twain said, ‘It is easier to trick people than to tell them they have been tricked.’.

As an herbalist, I run into this constantly. Tell people that you use garlic and oregano to heal yourself from strep throat; that it works better than antibiotics, and you are looked at as if you were a three-eyed crow. It works better than antibiotics because your good gut flora is not destroyed using natural remedies such as garlic and oregano but it is destroyed using antibiotics.

People don’t know what they don’t know because ‘alternative modern medicine’ has taken over traditional medicine. People don’t know what to ask their doctor’s because of fear and misunderstanding about natural ways to heal the body. Therefore, they accept the dangerous recommendations given to them by their doctors and end up worse than when they started.

As I look around me these days, I see people I love, people who believe in the sanctity of modern medicine, withering away and dying. There are natural remedies all around us ready to heal us but they are ignored. Why? Well, you just do not see many commercials out there for natural remedies, but we are constantly being bombarded by commercials from the pharmaceutical companies.

People die every year from diabetes because they cannot afford insulin. This almost happened to my husband. Greed is what kills people who cannot afford their meds. Well… greed and a lack of knowledge. Greedy pharmaceutical companies increase the cost of meds beyond the reach of most people. Most people believe their doctors when they tell them nutrition cannot heal them and to go on meds.

Nutrition can heal diabetes. Is it difficult to eat right to heal yourself? It can be.

Processed food has been engineered to taste as good as possible so that we will buy more. If you doubt me, take a taste of a Chicken in a Biskit cracker. Those things hit the bullseye when it comes to the ‘bliss point’. The bliss point is what food manufacturers call the ‘perfect storm’ of sugar, salt, spices, and chemicals to make you come back for more of what you just ate. Food is manufactured to cause addiction. We have a ‘war on drugs’ to try and control the deaths that occur from street drugs (30k per year) but 300k people die each year because of chemicals pushed on them by their doctors, manufactured by legal ‘drug lords’ or pharmaceutical companies because ‘drug lord’ has such a nasty ring to it. We are concerned about opioid addiction but completely ignore food addiction which is also created for the purpose of making money. We are a nation of contradictions and hypocrisy.

Up to 24,000 people will lose their eyesight in a year because of type 2 diabetes. Almost 100,000 people will die because of diabetes. Insulin cannot cure diabetes but it has been proven that the right diet can do the job.

Eating meat is not cheap but it can be done if you are willing to give up some things. What do you spend your money on that is really not a necessity? Let’s take a look at where you can weed out extra expenses so that you can eat meat and not worry about going blind, becoming impotent (men), having limbs amputated, or dying.

Entertainment: A movie ticket can cost up to, and over, $15.00 depending on where you go and what you see. Add up how many times per month you go out to see a movie. Add up snack expenses too while you’re at it. I wait for movies to come out on video and then rent them for free from the library. I am behind the rest of the nation on current movie news but here’s the thing; it’s JUST a movie. It will be forgotten soon. Seeing a movie in a theater when it is first released is not a necessity. Eyesight is.

Cable t.v. is about $70.00+ per month depending on what additional packages you buy. Drop cable. Go to the library and checkout a book to read, join a board gamers’ club- or start a club of your own. Get a new hobby like walking; two birds one stone. Walking helps to reduce your glucose levels, if you charge money to walk people’s dogs… you’re making money AND getting healthy. Win win!

Depending on how many times you go to a movie in a month and your cable bill, we are already at about $100.00 per month which can go toward buying meat. Doing great! Start brewing your coffee at home and taking it with you in a thermos can add $50.00-$500.00 to your meat budget per month depending on how large a coffee monkey you have on your back.

Are you beginning to see how you CAN afford to eat healthy? Let’s keep going.

How much do you spend each month keeping up with fashion trends? Learn how to thrift shop or shop sales. Go through your closet and have a ‘spot sale’. Invite friends and family over to buy clothes you have not worn or know you will not wear. Tuck the money away for future meat purchases and donate to charity the clothes that were not purchased.

It is likely you have too much stuff in your home or apartment. Whatever is covered in dust is what you sell. Obviously if you used it it would be clean. Have a garage/patio/porch ect. sale. Wherever you have a flat, outdoor space is where you set up your sales stand. Tuck the money away for food.

You can do this. You have more money than you think. Eating healthy is easier, and less expensive, than living with chronic disease.




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