What do we do with mushrooms?

From a Danish book of mushrooms.

Just because I love botanical art does not mean I am a botanist. The Denver School of Botanical Art offers a class on Botany for the Botanical Artist because few botanical artists know anything about plants. Imagine my surprise when the other day I was looking at another botanical artist’s website and read something she wrote about mushrooms not being part of the plant kingdom, but she loved drawing mushrooms no matter their classification.

Excuse me? Mushrooms do not belong in the plant kingdom? How long has this been going on? LINK to more information.

According to a Cliffnotes website: ‘Mushrooms are more closely related to animals than plants.’. They are more like crustaceans. Since fungi are not plants… should ethical vegans eat mushrooms, and yeasts? For all we know we’re eating an intelligent sentient life form.

Please don’t eat my brother!

I personally love to eat mushrooms.

File:Laetiporus sulphureus JPG2a.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Photo source; commons wikimedia.

I think they are beautiful. Like meat, they are one of the few things I can eat without getting sick. Now I have a better idea as to why they are easier to digest than plants… because they are not plants.

When eating mushrooms, do not pick your own unless you have been properly trained in the identification of mushrooms. Be sure to clean and cook all mushrooms before consuming. For more Vitamin D in your mushrooms before eating them, set them in the sun for up to 6 hours. They will absorb more vit D and be even better for you.




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