Stop judging and start giving


You’re richer than you know and you can give more than you are… IF you are giving. Many people in America think they don’t make enough money to help others in need. They think that philanthropy is a rich person’s game. It is not.

From the Salvation Army Red kettle drive to your local food bank, now is a great time to give.

Mystery Donor Hits $500,000 In Anonymous Salvation Army Red Kettle Donations! | HuffPost

You could give up buying one cup of coffee per week (or for the rest of December) make it at home and use a travel mug. If you began at the beginning of Christmas and donated $4.00 per week for the month that would be $16.00. If you gave up buying coffee out altogether, assuming one coffee per day at $4.00) you would donate $124.00 for the month of December. Either way you are making a difference. I think some people think that because they cannot donate large amounts, they may as well not even give at all.

Have you ever heard the phrase; every drop fills the bucket? I know from personal experience (My roof is leaking like crazy these days.) it does not take long for a drip to fill a 5 gallon Homer Bucket from Home Depot. Your $16.00, or $4.00 makes a difference. Stop complaining about how much or how little rich people give to the poor and start giving what you can.

When I started attending the Orthodox Christian Church I heard a beautiful saying; ‘We don’t look at other people’s plates to see how much they have, but to see if anything is needed.’ See a need and do what you can to fill it.

The reason why I am writing about this today is because of something I saw on Twitter.

One of the richest people in India’s daughter is getting married. When the story broke, and people saw how much was being spent, and on what, the assumptions and judgemental comments started flowing like brown water.

“Give that money to the poor!’ Just because some people have what YOU consider to be a large amount of money, and you found out some information about how it is being spent, does not give you the right to pass judgement and tell this man, or any other person with more more money than you, how and where to spend THEIR money.

The reason why I’m telling YOU to give and donate is because you think, erroneously, that you get to tell rich people how to give away, and spend, their money. You do not know how much this man may already give to charities. You are just assuming that because he is spending money on his daughter’s wedding that he does NOT give and that for some reason, while you are allowed to waste money buying coffee, or your lunch, out instead of making it at home, he is not allowed to spend his money… HIS money that he earned however he likes?

You my dears are hypocrites.

Yes, it IS vulgar to spend $16,000.00 on a handbag, or hundreds of dollars on individual wedding invitations, but to someone for whom that $5.00 you spent for coffee would buy a meal, would not THAT also be considered vulgar? It’s not the amount we spend or the things we buy that corrupts us. It is the judgements we pass along to other people and how they live their lives that corrupts us. to what end do we judge others? To make ourselves feel better about how we live our lives?

Every socioeconomic group has their sacred cows. The things on which they justify spending their money. For you, it is perfectly ok to spend money eating out at fast food restaurants and coffee kiosks. To someone with larger bank balances those things may seem like a waste of money. All money adds up and can be put to work making more money. Still one man’s luxury is another man’s  indulgence, and another man’s oh hell no. As in ‘Oh hell no would I EVER spend money on THAT!’.

When I was younger, I could not image paying someone to clean my house. There was a woman in my office who had paid maid service. I was VERY judgemental about it. I wish I could find her and apologize. Not that it is likely she remembers after all of these years but still… it was none of my business. Just as it is none of my business, or yours, who eats meat, who does not, who spends how much on what and why. None of it matters.

Stop looking at other people’s plates. Just… stop.

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