Beware cheat days

I gambled… and lost.

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On Saturday, hubby and I were out running errands. I had a pretty good discount on gas saved up (.80 off per gallon) and we set out to use it in his big Yukon XL after we went to the post office. On the way to the gas station, 8 miles from our house… I KNOW but paying $1.65 per gallon for gas is worth the trip, we stopped at one of our favorite burger joints and ordered. It was delish! I’m not supposed to have tomatoes but I did. BBQ sauce on the burger then I dipped the burger in ketchup… my favorite condiment. Back when I ate beef stew I would put ketchup IN my stew. Fantastic.

Later that night, about 11:30 or so, the stomach cramps began. The pain was almost blinding. All night long and into the morning it lasted. Everything I ate on Sunday well… I will not go into details. People talk about renting beer. How about renting everything you eat for 24 hours?

Hubby was fine. But, he was fine last time we ate at a different restaurant after which I became so ill he almost took me to the ER. Was I ill because it was legit food poisoning form this restaurant? Was it because I ate carbs after eating meat all week?

One thing is for sure, I’m re-thinking cheat days. Are they really a reward after a week of eating clean? Are they more ‘poison days’ than cheat days? The Rock seems to be able to handle his cheat days A-ok with no nasty after effects. I do not know his stomach strength. It may be next level. I’ve seen pics of what he eats on cheat days. If I could eat all of that I totally would.

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I’d even turn it into a, ‘Keep up with the Rock’ cheat day event in my house. However, I do have a history of intense IBS. I always do better eating meat. then I get cocky because eating meat makes me feel so good. I think I can eat anything, then I do… then I suffer.

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I’m a meat eater. That’s it. That’s what I’ve always needed. No salads, root veggies, fruit, etc. I’ve tried juicing… NO. I’ve tried kale… Extra-NO! Only when I eat meat do I NOT have stomach cramps and diarrhea.

No more cheat days for me. If you have been having issue son cheat days perhaps it is time for you to also give them up?