Gaining weight is NOT normal

One of the most profound things I’ve ever read was from a book on how to live the paleo way. The author wrote; ‘You’re not sick because you are fat. You are fat because you are sick.’. I sat there for a few minutes absorbing his words.

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Have you ever had a wound that swelled up before it was healed? A scratch perhaps? Have your eyes ever become swollen due to irritants? Your body is surrounding the unwell area in an attempt to heal it, and to keep the infection, or inflammation from spreading. Have you ever noticed how some people we assume are ‘fat’ are not ‘fat’ all over? These people might be what we call, ‘pot bellied’. Their guts are inflamed, impacted, or both. Whatever they are eating is not only not working for them, it is killing them slowly.

Fat people do not get diabetes because they are fat. In fact, diabetes is not a disease of obesity. Halley Berry has diabetes. Does she look obese? She’s not alone. Fast food does not singularly cause diabetes although it does contribute to higher glucose levels in the blood. Since meat does no contain carbs or sugar, where does the glucose come from? Think about it. It is NOT derived from meat unless sugar or a form of carbohydrate has been added to the meat. Also, diabetes was around as far back as when. Socrates walked the earth. He ‘discovered’ it by drinking the urine of his patients. There were no burger joints back then… but there was grain, and lots of it.

Our society is cruel. We make food addictive. Some people cannot handle it. Those excitotoxins work really well on them. They then are diagnosed with diseases and a lack of self discipline is to blame. ‘if only you had more discipline and self control you would not be sick and fat.’. These words come from well meaning people but they are hollow and unhelpful. There are just as useless as ,’Everything in moderation.’. Stop talking, please.

Stop trying to force people onto an unhealthy vegan diet. Let people eat meat without condemnation. Some people just love to feel superior to others. Veganism is the new means by which people are shaming other people. I for one will not be shamed into eating in a manner I know is unhealthy for me and does not work.

If you do decide to go full on carnivore, the best advice I can give you is to keep it to yourself. You will want to share it with your friends and family because you love and care about them. Don’t do it. Wait until you have been on it a year and then, maybe, tell them what you did to look so fabulous. Even sick and fat people will try to give you dieting advice. They don’t get it that if what they were trying to ‘sell’ worked, they would be healthy. THAT is how effective the brainwashing has become.

Begin your journey to new health by cleaning out your pantry and cupboards of ALL grains, beans and legumes. Donate unopened items to a food kitchen or food pantry or a neighbor. Same with all unused, and in good condition, fruits and vegetables. Make room in your freezer for all of the meat you will be buying. Don’t try and find the leanest cuts of meat or only eat white meat chicken. Animal fat is good for you. I’ll repeat that; ANIMAL FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU! I had a steak last night for dinner. They were on sale 2 for one at the grocery store. NY strip steak bone-in. There were two types of fat on these steaks (hubby had one too) there was the soft, juicy tasty fat, and something harder and unchewable. That hard fat I threw away but the juicy fat I ate.

This morning for breakfast, I cooked up some scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, and we each had four sausage links. Hubby added salsa and avocado to his plate. I did not. For his lunch, I will cook up more meat for him but add to his lunch bag cottage cheese and a bit of coleslaw. My husband loves vegetables. While no one NEEDS to consume vegetables, what he is eating is not big deal. A bit of cabbage, some tomatoes, etc. are not highly detrimental to the way he is eating. He is not eating chips with his salsa. He is not having hash browns with his eggs. These changes are minor on our plates (you really CAN live without hash browns smothered in ketchup) but major to our health. Ketchup is full of sugar and so are potatoes. Potatoes are full of toxins that contribute to gout and arthritis. No one needs to eat a potato.

Are you going to do it? Are you going to switchover to a carnivore diet? If you do, you will need to do it longer than a week to see proper results. You may experience digestive issues because eating meat heals you. Your body will begin to release the toxins it has stored up from eating plants. You may feel crummy at first. Keep eating only meat, eggs, and raw dairy if you can find it. Drink your water to help flush out toxins. Drink a mild detox tea such as Dandelion root (Only when you will not be out in public!) to help your body eliminate plant toxins. Be sure to hydrate and only drink one mug of tea (one tea bag) per week. As soon as you’re feeling better, stop drinking the tea. I would not go longer than a week or two on any detox tea.

Today is my 14 year wedding anniversary. I am giving myself the gift of good health. I am beginning my carnivore diet full on this time. No mucking about.


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  1. Hey there. Thanks for the post. I was diagnosed to have gluten sensitivity years back, and recently have discovered that some modern research on the increased number of celiac patients might actually be attributed to the modern way of manufacturing grains, as opposed to old natural methods of harvest. I truely believe that the GMO industry is fundamentally changing our food to an extent that most of nutrients found in natural forms are being changed or manipulated. Don’t get me wrong though I am a strong believer of beef – based diets but I wonder if the best way to go would be organic forms of food… Too expensive for me though living in a developing country… What do you think about organic food?


    1. Hello, Salwa and thank you for your question. Eating an all meat diet (not JUST beef but other forms of meat as well) is taking nutrition beyond the gluten issue. I have friends who went GF and still ended up with MS, multiple sclerosis. People who eat organic Gf grains are still suffering from diabetes. Plants naturally contain toxins as preventive measures from being eaten by their predators; birds and insects. No matter if a plant food is organic or Gf, it still produces issues within my body, and the bodies of many other people as well. Eat what you can afford. My biggest recommendation would be to eliminate all grains, beans and legumes- including peanut butter. As well as nightshades which are potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, tomarillos, and ground cherries. also avoid gogi and acai berries. Just because it is trendy doesn’t mean it should be eaten by everyone. Kale used to be a garnish at salad bars. Eating it gave me stomach cramps and severe diarrhea. Your beef does not need to be organic. Grassfed is best but it is quite expensive. If grain fed beef is what you can afford, then eat it rather than plants. Grow food to sell to people who do eat plants and use the money to buy beef. I’m thinking about doing that to offset my own costs of eating carnivore. No one needs to eat vegetables. Eating them has caused many issues with people’s health. Do what you can and keep asking questions. I’ll help you as much as I can. Good luck.

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      1. Thanks for your reply. I think diet is really a personalized experience and that all those trendy movements do not necessarily have to work for everyone. I think the most important aspect is that we have to acknowledge that each body reacts in a different way to food. I personally never had problems with vegi’s before, so I always love having a salad with my food. But again, if it doesn’t work for someone, then they shouldn’t worry about it. There are many diet staples that are based around “meat forms” only in historical record that have helped warrior tribes become healthy and strong. You’ll find reference to them in a book by Dr. Daniel Amen, whom has completely changed my outlook on food really.
        I hope to hear your thoughts about some of my posts as well 🙂


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