Moving to an all meat diet

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Photo credit: ‘Mike’ on Flickr


It did not take long for my attempts at eating vegan for the Nativity Fast to go awry. The plant toxins quickly built up in my system and messed me up five ways from Sunday.

Back to meat I go. Back to the only way of eating that never messed me up or let me down. Thank you meat for being there for me.

The hyperbole uttered by vegans to scare people into veganism is increasing. My decision to attempt veganism had nothing to do with any of their attempts at fearmongering. It was an attempt solely based on religious teachings of the Orthodox Christian church.

As my husband says, I’ll need to find another way to fast. I think that a strict, no carb (including sugars) diet is a fast of its own. Not in the traditions of the church but still…

If you are in need of a drastic change in your diet, try the carnivore diet. Ignore the vegan dogma. It’s all misinformation, misdirection and lies anyway.

Eat meat… it heals.

Here is a LINK to an article that might help you get started by answering common questions asked by people curious about an all meat diet.


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