My apologies

I'm SO upset right now. I posted my previous article and went to my site to review it and saw an ad FOR Planned Parenthood. I am PROLIFE all the way. I am appalled that an ad like this appeared on my site. If any of you were offended, please forgive me. I had no … Continue reading My apologies


Meat sale

I went to the grocery store yesterday. They are having an INCREDIBLE sale on steaks. The family packs were more than 1/2 off. Family Pack... that's cute. My husband and I are starting the carnivore diet. Two people eating a steak everyday for a month can get expensive. At these prices, that's about the same … Continue reading Meat sale

Where we are now

I was wrapping Christmas presents yesterday morning before dashing out the door to go to church. I grabbed the tissue paper to place it in the tops of the sacks. As I did, I noticed this writing on the back (pictured above) guys, it's DIRECTIONS on how to use the tissue paper. Really?! This is … Continue reading Where we are now

Do you know what you don’t know?

When I was in school, I never studied something if I thought I already knew about the subject. I  also was shocked when my teachers would ask me, 'Why didn't you ask questions?'. The later had nothing to do with the former. I just never knew what questions to ask. If the topic was new, … Continue reading Do you know what you don’t know?

What do we do with mushrooms?

Just because I love botanical art does not mean I am a botanist. The Denver School of Botanical Art offers a class on Botany for the Botanical Artist because few botanical artists know anything about plants. Imagine my surprise when the other day I was looking at another botanical artist's website and read something she … Continue reading What do we do with mushrooms?