Month: December 2018

My apologies

I’m SO upset right now. I posted my previous article and went to my site to review it and saw an ad FOR Planned Parenthood. I am PROLIFE all the way. I am appalled that an ad like this appeared on my… Read More

Meat sale

I went to the grocery store yesterday. They are having an INCREDIBLE sale on steaks. The family packs were more than 1/2 off. Family Pack… that’s cute. My husband and I are starting the carnivore diet. Two people eating a steak everyday… Read More

Christ is born!

Moving to an all meat diet

  It did not take long for my attempts at eating vegan for the Nativity Fast to go awry. The plant toxins quickly built up in my system and messed me up five ways from Sunday. Back to meat I go. Back… Read More

Morning prayer

O LORD, Master of my life, grant that I may not be infected with the spirit of slothfulness and inquisitiveness, with the spirit of ambition and vain talking. {Making a prostration} Grant instead to me, your servant, the spirit of purity and… Read More