Working hard to let it go

FUNNY ANY OCCASION Card. Humorous Retro by VintageousPaperGoods

Confession was interesting last night. I realized I had been judgemental and prideful (per usual). How has this any different than other confessions of pride, or having a judgemental attitude?I was feeling these things towards those still in the world of Protestantism. I was proud of myself for getting out of it and judgemental of those who are still clinging fast to the falsehoods it teaches and embracing them as truths. How very wrong of me… and dangerous.

We are all where we re and in need of the light of Christ to shine in our hearts via The Holy Spirit. Christianity has become a battle ground. Those who speak in tongues vs. those who do not. Those for head covering vs. those who are not. Meat eaters vs. vegetarians. It goes on and on. Where is the mercy? Why do we not show one another the grace we so desperately demand from God? No more. I’m not telling you you are wrong to do what you do. Those days, I hope, are over. I am telling myself to straighten up and fly right.

Why would I care what Protestants do? I am no longer one of them. My days in the three ring circus are over.