W.I.P Illuminated Alphabet

Water Color pencil- Faber Castell

It used to bother me in school when my teachers would insist that I show them my work. I tend to work more intuitively. It’s hard to show your work when you did not start out with a plan. Now that I am an artist, I don’t like it when other artists do not ‘show their work’… their ‘process’. How did you get from A to B? When people do not show the process, and just do a ‘reveal’ once everything is perfect, it can be a bit discouraging. Especially for new artists.

In the above photo, I have applied water color pencil to an image of an illuminated letter. It is one of the letters left over from the Basic Illuminated Alphabet class I took at the beginning of November. As you can see, things got a bit messy. It is fixable. It may end up being one of the easiest fixes I have ever done, but I wanted you to see that not every step in the process needs to be perfect in order to end up with a beautiful piece of artwork you love.