Flu shot truth

Please watch this video and do research, real research from people who have experienced tragedy related to vaccines, before you go out and get a flu shot this year, or before you continue to blindly vaccinate your children.

It just does not make sense to think that in a time of advanced medicine, nutrition, and hygiene- such as at the levels we have today, that we would need MORE vaccines and not less. If you take care of yourself; wash your hands (get under your nails with a brush, use warm water and soap), take vitamin C (garlic and oregano are excellent sources of vitamin C- make a tasty chicken or beef stew!) , use elderberry syrup, reduce your sugar and grains intake, eat good meats, dairy, eggs, and fats your health should improve if it is a bit ‘iffy’ or remain steady if you are already in good health. If your body is already weak from eating poor quality foods, it cannot fight of additional illness.

Elderberries contain antioxidants to protect cells from damage.

Stop feeding your children ‘convenience foods’. The illnesses they contract through lowered immune systems brought on by eating too many processed foods, or eating vegan, is more expensive than eating healthy.