Illuminated Alphabet Workshop

Page from the Book of Kells.

Perhaps some day I will be proficient enough to create something so wondrous, but today is not that day.

Yesterday, I participated in an Illuminated Alphabet workshop held at my temple in our dining hall. I’m hooked.

Another participant working on the letter, ‘V‘.

The city in which I live is more focused on athletics and outdoor sports than it tends to be on the arts. For an artist who does not like to get sweaty or dirty, this can be a soul sucking issue. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start coordinating artist workshops. Hence the workshop yesterday.


If you love art/creating, do not let yourself be denied the opportunity to create. Even if you must coordinate events and bringing other participants, do it. Your soul needs this… you know that it does. Our God is a Creator-god. He created us, and the world in which we live. Since you are created in His image it stands to reason that you have an innate desire within you to create. Except for vandalism (graffiti) get out there and create. Call up your friends and schedule time for community (if you want to that is). Many artists are introverts and prefer to create alone. However, once and a while it can be good to create in a group to share ideas and techniques.

Antique Ethiopian Ge'ez Manuscript : Old Ethiopia Bible Illuminated Prayer Book | needful things ...
Illuminated Ethiopian prayer book (not from class).

Illuminated Manuscript on Pinterest

What I worked on in class.


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