That terrible Nutella commercial

There is a Nutella commercial out right now that at first glance, you would think the mom in the commercial is feeding her kids a nutritious breakfast. Getting them geared up with nutrients for the day.

Well maybe if you’re a family of humming birds!

The below table shows: Calories, carbs, fat, protein and finally fiber. If you take the number of carbs (44) and subtract the fiber (4) you get 40. Then take 40 and divide it by 5. You get the number 8 and that is how many teaspoons of sugar that are being fed to this kid before he heads to school. It is no wonder that childhood type 2 diabetes and obesity are on the rise. If you feed this sort of high carb, low fat diet to your child, you are poisoning them and condemning them to disease and even, possibly death.


Nutella, 2 tbsp 200 22 11 3 1
 100% Whole Wheat Bread, 1 slice 90 18 1 4 2
Strawberries Fresh 5 medium 1 1/4″ Dia, 1 serving 19 4 0 0 1
Breakfast TOTALS: 309 44 12 7 4

calculate hidden sugar in food

I am not promoting the Skinny Gut diet or website. I am using their calculation and sharing it with you. You can do this calculation with any food you wish to consume to see if you are flooding your body with sugar in a misguided attempt to eat ‘healthy/vegan’.

You cannot prevent, or cure T2 diabetes with sugar. Whether that sugar is in the form of a strawberry, or a tablespoon of Nutella, it is still sugar. You can only reverse it with fat and meat. People who say an all-plant diet is healthy have been brainwashed by MSM through such commercials as the Nutella commercial, through the Internet with the constant promotion of the vegetarian diet, and at the doctor’s office with the proven to be dangerous and not at all healthy, ‘heart smart’ diet.

The short version of this message is; ‘go vegan and die’.



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