It’s been a long journey

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Orthodox christian icon of healing. What do Orthodox Christians eat at every Divine Liturgy? The body and blood of Christ which is considered healing.

I remember the time I was brushing a knot out of my hair. The bristles of the brush caught in the knot. Instead of loosing the knot and combing my hair smooth, a large chunk of hair fell out. This continued for years as my body dealt with, and then began to heal from, auto-immune disease… by eating meat.

No, I never found out what I have/had as far as an official diagnosis. This was in the mid-to-late 1990’s. The only auto-immune disease people talked about was AIDS/HIV.

I had moved back to, Colorado Springs after living in, Denver for a few years. A big city is NOT where your body needs to be if you are suffering from an over-reaction to pollutants.

I had struggled my whole life with digestion issues and illness. I had been given formula instead of breast milk. Oat meal for breakfast as a child and the regular fare of processed foods in the 70’s and 80’s. Toaster pastries, pasteurized cow’s milk, peanut butter, processed cheese slices, spaghetti and red sauce, 2% milk, meat cooked until if was extra-well done, etc, etc., etc. We all ate the Standard American Diet but back then, it was called the four food groups.

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Not a visual of the four food groups but a great example of WHAT NOT TO EAT for optimal health and wellness.

I hated the taste and texture of vegetables when I was younger, I still do. Now I believe it is/was my body trying to warn me off of eating plants and filling my body with their toxins. Eventually, between the air pollution, the toxins in my food, and allergies to nature, my body sort of ‘blew up’ and almost killed me. Think about how people’s bodies went nuts during the Spanish flu out break and you’ll get a picture of what people who are allergic to certain foods feel like, and go through, every time they eat. When it all accumulates and becomes too much for the body to handle, it erupts in illness. Skin issues, hair loss, digestive issues, colds, the flu, and worse. There is also a mental health component involved. People who eat large amounts of plants tend to be more aggressive. Do I have a scientific study you can review? No. You will need to put on your thinking, and observation caps. Observe the behavior of known vegans or persons who eat a large amount of plant matter in any form. I have been verbally attacked through social media and this site, by vegans. The things they say to me are startling in their nastiness and aggression. How anyone in their right mind could think it is ‘ok’ to speak to another person is beyond me and yet we see this behavior from vegans all too often. I know I used to be unreasonably hostile all the time when I consumed plants. The more meat and fat I eat, the more mellow I become. What if it is not guns that are responsible for the deaths of people but the toxins the shooters had put into their bodies? What if reducing the amount of plant matter kids consumed while increasing the amount of whole RAW milk, cheese and butter, as well as giving them red, fatty meat- made children less aggressive, reduced the type and frequency of childhood diseases including but not limited to Asperger Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and the gender dissociative identity disorders as well as homosexuality?

Those with these issues, and more report feeling ‘different’ as far back as they can remember. It’s no wonder with mothers who are now the second and third generation after the introduction of birth control, and veganism/increased plant matter consumption full of chemicals and toxins. This is the result of too many chemicals in what we eat, and that includes the naturally occurring toxins in plants as well as the unnatural toxins used for fertilizer and pest repellent.

Zero Carb Health – All About The Zero Carb Diet

What if only eating meat gave us back the people we love as God intended them to be? What if you ONLY ate foods from the animal kingdom? What if you ate them as raw as possible? Raw, milk, raw eggs, raw meat?

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Here is the kicker that is going to cause the most issues… are you ready? NO ONE NEEDS TO EAT PLANTS TO SURVIVE. That’s right. You will live, and most likely live better, enjoying improved health, improved mental clarity, improved strength, etc. by ONLY eating meat. Tasty tasty meat. Well, not JUST meat but also fish, eggs, poultry, and raw dairy products.

I have been promoting the paleo diet for a very long time. all that while I was still under the spell of the propaganda of needing to eat plants in some form. Fruit, nuts, root vegetables (not potatoes), onions, mushrooms, or greens were the only acceptable forms of eating plants on the paleo diet. On the carnivore diet, you don’t even eat those. This means no green bean casserole for Thanksgiving Day to go with your turkey. All you need to eat IS the turkey, maybe some beef heart/liver, pats of raw butter to use to wash it all down.

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Meat is the easiest thing to digest. Transitioning your baby from breast milk to solid food? Let them eat pemmican. No. Seriously. Pemmican is easier for your baby to digest than bottled baby food vegetable puree.

Ever since my cancer scare in my early thirties (30) to be exact, I have been looking for ways to improve my health. If I do the opposite of whatever is popular, whatever is being promoted on t.v. (not just commercials but in the shows themselves which exist to promote whatever agenda is the worst for us) I am stronger, healthier, and happier.

If you have been trying to eat vegan but are having a tough go of it, why do you keep going? Why force your body to accept food it does not want? Want to feel better? Eat meat!

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Remember this?

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