Know : Various Feeding Habits of Animals – PROPEL STEPS

I joined the Orthodox Christian Church last year. They fast… a lot. Over half the year is spent fasting from meat. I can’t do it. I realize they have been doing it this way for centuries, but a vegan diet is an unhealthy diet.

When I look at photos of Dox priests who have been around a while, I see many large, distended stomachs. I’m sure if I were to press my fingers against them, they would be hard tot he touch and not ‘give’ much when pressed. This COULD be a sign of bowel impaction- that is; a bowel full of hardened feces.

Vegan diets are highly toxic. Plants absorb what is in their environment… including toxins. Many plants have naturally occurring toxins to keep away predators.

Veganism is very ‘hot’ right now. Beware of trends.

I have tried to participate in the Orthodox Fasts. I end up with severe constipation, heart burn, and my arthritis flares up no matter how much I avoid eating nightshades. These things do not happen when I eat meat… just meat thank you very much.

People can eat just meat and not die. Animals do it all the time. The indigenous peoples of the far north do it and have lived well and prospered in their health for untold centuries.

There are some who would say that a ‘good Christian’ is a vegetarian (there really is no such thing as a ‘good’ Christian). We can read in the book of Genesis that eating meat is a gift to us from God, Gen 9:3. Perhaps it is because after The Fall plants no longer contain the same levels of nutrients as before? Inside the garden eating plants was ok. Outside the garden it doesn’t work the same and is in fact dangerous.

I need reminders every so often as to why I radically changed my diet. The peer pressure to eat a vegan diet is a real, and constant threat to healthy eating/living. People are well brainwashed into believing plants are the only good food source, meat causes inflammation & is destroying the plant, and that is not true.

Do your own research. Watch videos by X-vegans. They are eye opening.


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