Do you Qigong?


I have been dealing with ill health, which has lead to obesity, my entire life. It is the, ‘thorn in my side’. Modern ‘medicine’ has failed me because I looked to it for healing. Modern medicine doe snot heal. It keeps people sick and dependent upon chemicals to maintain a level of illness that is tolerable but never really eliminated.

I left the people and places that were holding me in a perpetual pattern of ill health and began following my own path to healing. After all, they do not need to live inside my broken, painful body, I do. I am still a Christian, I just do not believe that things so basic, and based off of what is natural, will do more harm to me physically, and to my soul, than modern medicine has done.

I am now a certified herbalist. I may or may not become a certified QiGong practitioner but I will share QiGong videos with you so that you may decide if this practice is right for you.

I have tried yoga and every time I have tried it I have limped away with a pulled muscle no matter how easy the level was at which I was exercising. Even sitting in a chair I did some damage.

I used to take martial arts classes when I was much younger. I started looking for videos, or classes to get going in the practice of martial arts again as I found it to be so good for my health.

What I found instead was, QiGong. Where has it been my whole life?! Then, I discovered, Mimi Kuo-Deemer. This woman is an exceptional QiGong practitioner. She has some free videos on Youtube, one of which I have featured in this post. She also has video series you may purchase off of Amazon or Vimeo.

Please consider supporting her by making a purchase if you decide QiGong is for you.

I have been practicing QiGong (off and on) for a few weeks now. I feel amazing. What does that mean? I am both more relaxed and energized. I feel more calm but alert. I have not injured myself at all. If you cannot stand, you may do QiGong sitting.

Learning QiGong is a requirement of anyone wishing to practice Chinese medicine. I wish western hospitals would teach QiGong to their patients. Perhaps some do. I would love to teach it to the patients at the local VA hospital.

I went to the gym yesterday but could not make myself do the same old mundane exercises. I went home and pulled up one of, Mimi’s videos. It was 18 minutes long but by the time I was finished I felt as if I could take on the world… and win!

QiGong has many health benefits including, but not limited to; lowering your blood pressure, controlling the aging process, reducing your chances of having a stroke, improves mental clarity, boost your immune system, helps to improve your balance, it can relieve depression (this works even better if the patient goes for a walk everyday), strengthens organs, it can help alleviate heart burn & indigestion including IBS, you may sleep better, for athletes of all levels but especially extreme athletes, it can balance those intense workouts, help you focus, and ultimately improve your performance.

Along with proper nutrition, supplementation, and proper hydration, QiGong could be the next step in helping you avoid serious illness and injury.

After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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