My version of extreme paleo

Vegetarians And Vegans More Likely To Be Depressed Study

Meat, meat, and more meat. Yes… on occasion I eat other things that are not meat but I’d say that presently, my diet consists of about 97% meat. I’m still alive.

Meat does not cause inflammation, nor does it cause heart disease or other illnesses used to build lies about eating meat.

There are now studies showing that vegans/vegetarians have higher percents of depression among their, ‘meatless tribe’ than do meat eaters. The combination of a lack of B12 (from not eating meat) and too much omega-6 fatty acids from eating nuts, contributed to an increase in depression among this group. Both England, and Germany did studies and made the same discovery.

When I eat meat; I feel better physically, and mentally. Here is another article about eating meat.

Whatever you decide to do for your health, be careful whom you tell. I have come to the point in my life where I do not randomly share how I eat unless the person to whom I am speaking is genuine curious, and looking for information to help heal themselves. Too many people are brainwashed into thinking a plant based diet is the ONLY diet that works. It is not. They believe raising cattle will destroy the earth. It will not.

If you have spent your life following conventional advice on nutrition, perhaps it is time to be a bit unconventional and see if it helps to improve your health. If it does, keep going, if there is no change, or you become worse, stop and find something that works for you. It’s your health and your life. No one else can live it but you.



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