Leader, follower, or minion?

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Elegant library.

One of the posts on, Byron Tully’s blog, The Old Money book, he has a conversation with an aristocrat. The son, of a son, of a son, of a family with money and power. The man, Byron was speaking with, said something I find to be quite profound, ‘We are educated to command and rule.’. Here is an excerpt from their conversation.

The haute bourgeoisie send their children to posh schools in order to expand their social circle, learn skills to make or preserve their financial fortunes, and confirm their status in society.  The aristocracy, he noted, had different responsibilities, a different perspective, a different history. These had fostered different traditions with regard to education. They were educated to command and rule, he said without an ounce of self-consciousness.

Most American children are not educated to command and rule. Oh sure, there are classes on leadership, perhaps even confidence (if you’re luck), maybe they are required to give an oral report now and then. American public education does not teach people how to command and rule. American public education teaches kids how to be minions. To even followers… minions. Cogs in the great wheel of corporate America. Someone must sit at those tiny cubicles typing away endlessly.

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While your child is learning, S.T.E.M. under the breathless advocacy, and beguilement,  of ‘progressivism’, the children of world leaders are reading classical literature, learning how to read music and how it relates to the universe around them, learning at least one language… perhaps more, rhetoric- how to debate logically instead of posting hysterical, and inaccurate accusations on the blogs and social media sites of people with whom you disagree.

Just learn S.T.E.M.!

Your child might take a couple of rowdy trips to the local museum (if they are lucky). Perhaps one or two of the kids will take it serious but most will consider it an excuse to goof off, act out and ‘swing from the nearest vine’. While away, the mice go insane.

The children of what Byron refers to as ‘Old Money’ in his book and blog, go to museums in, Paris, art galleries in London, cathedrals in Rome, etc. This is ‘doable’ for you and your family if you are willing to rearrange your priorities.

Byron Tully has written an excellent book about rearranging our priorities in order to have more of what will truly alter our lives for the better.

We tend to spend our money on ‘things’. We are consumers, we consume. What if you saved more and spent less. You will try and tell me you do not have any money to save but I know better. I know you spend your money on things you could easily make for yourself; coffee, food (pre-sliced and prepped vegetables and fruit at the store is incredibly expensive) learn how to wash and chop food and you will save a ton of money.

Eating out. I’d rather have a $1.50 hot dog and iced tea at Costco with my dad than go to a five star restaurant and pay too much for tiny food. If you go out to eat often, sit down and look at the receipts. Take a piece of paper, write down how much and how often you spend money of take out. Add it up. Have as hot of whiskey to calm yourself after you see just how much money you are wasting on going out to eat. Take that monthly expenditure and put it aside. when you have enough for airfare and a decent hotel, take your family on a trip that will expand their minds and give them an experience they will never forget. Even if it is just to the nearest big city with a museum, do it.

Even better, start doing this while you are single and you might be able to afford to put your children into private school one day.

Prince Charles attended Gordonstoun school when he turned 8 years of age. He hated it but the education he received was far better than if he had gone to the local public school (which being royalty he would never have done but still). Here is a link to Eton boarding school. Take a look at the curriculum. How doe sit compare to the curriculum at your child’s school? We pay taxes to our states and sales tax to the cities and yet, it seems we have little control over what our children learn. It is time to stop ‘toeing the line’ and demand better from the ‘system’.

While most people seem to be hyperventilating over having their child learn S.T.E.M. exclusively of at least over emphasizing its importance, world leaders, aristocrats, the extremely wealthy, are all making sure their children are reading the classics, getting a well rounded , classical education.

If you cannot afford private school, at least make your child sit and read. Yes, I said, make them’. YOU are the parent, not they. You could reduce the amount of after school activities and start a reading club where children read a classic book together and discuss it. Sure they are going to pitch a fit at first. Think of it as mental vegetables for your child’s mind.

Wouldn’t it be great of you walked into Costco and instead of big screen t.v.’s right inside the front door they had displays of ‘Gateway to the Great Books’? No, really… it would. This shift in our perspective would greatly enhance America. Have you ever noticed that things of true value are often mocked by the entertainment industry while those of lesser value or might destroy us are exalted? If you doubt me, watch the commercials on t.v. carefully. Count how many fast food commercials there are versus information about eating healthy. I have seen t.v. shows mock cotillion, speaking properly, reading, sending a child to boarding school, etc. The 1% is the one percent for more reasons than their bank accounts. While you are sitting around mocking education, making fun of and hating people with money, buying retail and paying way too much money of eating out and buying coffee; the deep rich, the old money rich those who actually rule the world are doing the exact things you mock and living much larger lives than all of us. Not because of their money, but because of their perspective on life.

There is an old saying, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. I would much rather be around the educated and wealthy of the world than in the trenches trying to drag other people down to my level. The American dream is not about money. It’s about improvement.

You are where you are because of you and no other reason. Change your mind, change your life.



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