A bit about, Sara

According to an article by the Huffington Post (if it can be trusted to be accurate), 12.7 million people discover they have cancer, and 7.6 million die from it each year around the world.

Except in, Sara’s case… she did not survive her cancer treatment.

This post is about one woman an dhow the system not only let her down, but flat out killed her.

‘Sara’ developed a rash one day. It did not go away. She went from doctor to doctor, but not one of them could tell her how she got it or how to get rid of it. None of them thought to test for cancer despite the anecdotal evidence, and not so anecdotal evidence, from multiple persons about how they too developed rashes before being diagnose with cancer. The minute they began their cancer treatment, the rashes went away. (If curious, please do more research about the connection between skin rashes and cancer. Sara is the third woman I know directly to have developed a skin rash prior to cancer diagnosis.) I am not saying that every unexplained rash is cancer. What I am saying is; if you suddenly develop skin issues that will not go away and have no reasonable evidence for being their (ie. high pollen count, food allergies, a change in detergent or skin are products, etc., and your health care professional cannot figure it out, maybe there is something more going on than a rash? Push for a PET scan to find out definitively whether or not you have cancer. You may not but why risk your life on a maybe?)

Sara spent a year going from doctor to doctor trying to find answers to why she had a rash. By the time someone decided it might be more than a rash, it was too late. She went through brutal cancer treatment including a bone marrow transplant that did not work. She spent millions on her treatment and she now is as good as dead. Her heart, after all that has been done to her, is now only functioning at 35%. At this point, the doctor’s are not sure which will kill her first; the cancer, or her heart condition. How is this legal?

If there was a person kidnapping people, pumping them full of deadly chemicals (chemo & radiation) carving them up, and then leaving them on the side of the road to die, we would call that person a psychopath. A serial killer if they did it more than once. Put them in a white medical jacket, and people pay them for the opportunity to be tortured in the name of medicine. Notice I said ‘in the name of medicine’ and not ‘in the name of healing‘.

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Sara went through hell. She trusted the system and it let her down… big time. She has been dying a slow, horrific death for almost two years now. All the while, her doctors, and the hospitals, have been making money off of her, and other patients’ paint and suffering.

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Ultimately, it is each person’s choice as to how they wish to treat whatever disease manifests within their body. Unfortunately, preventative, and ‘alternative’ medicine has been vilified to the point where patients often reject it in favor of ‘conventional’ treatments which is exactly the reason why other forms of successful treatments are mocked in every form of media, and doctor’s who wish to use alternative treatments are barred from practicing in most hospitals.

What happened to, Sara, and continues to happen to patients across America, is shameful. We are starting to wake up to the dangers of unmanaged health care which has caused the opioid crisis. By unmanaged, I mean the doctors. Just because someone takes an oath to, ‘due no harm’ does not mean that they were sincere. To some, it may have just been something they had to do in order to receive their diploma. There certainly seems to be a great deal of harm being done to people through some doctors and hospitals.

What is the answer? Hospitals and doctors must allow patients to utilize alternative treatments within their facilities within reason of course. Who determines what is reasonable? A patient asking for a vitamin C infusion is certainly making a reasonable request yet trying to find a facility to conduct such a simple treatment is almost impossible. Vitamin C has been shown to help fight cancer cells yet is considered ‘quackery’ by many in the health care industry while chemotherapy is still considered the standard in cancer treatment despite the fact that it causes tumors to grow. Many cancer patients who under go chemo treatment end up with ‘new’ cancers two years later because the chemo treatment they allowed their doctors to perform on them caused these growths to occur.

The main point of this post, of all my posts, is to encourage people to make informed decisions about their health, and decisions for treatment, and to have their health care practitioner assist them in carrying out their decisions. Do not allow anyone to railroad you into a course of treatment with which you do not agree. YOU are the one who must live with the results of any course of treatment. Not your friends, your family or your doctor.

Please read all disclaimers on this site. Thank you.


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