Looking at labels

Premade/packaged chicken fettuccine Alfredo, 14oz

I have been working out more and tightening up my eating. It is paying off, I have dropped 16lbs so far. I am celebrating by eating carbs. Not really but kind of. What do I mean?

I was at the grocery store yesterday (I kind of feel as if I live there.)

My husband wants to lose weight but he also wants to eat whatever he wants and in as large of quantities as he wants. Me too.

I sometimes get lazy and just want to shove something fast in his lunch kit so that I don’t have to cook, and cook, and cook. I grabbed this chicken Alfredo and took it home. I finally read the label and almost had a heart attack. HALF of the container is a serving size and it is 340 calories which means, a full container is 680.

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You have already eaten breakfast and perhaps have had a snack, some coffee with creamer or sugar or both or a calorie bomb from a coffee kiosk. You most likely thought you would scarf the entire container. Hey, using your brain is hard work. Plus, you are going to drink a diet soda with it which completely cancels out at least half the calories… right?

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Maybe you don’t care.

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Hey, you are going to the gym later. It will be burned off. Do you want to burn off the excess calories from binge eating when you go to the gym, or do you want to burn off that layer of fat that is keeping you from zipping your pants? Do not go to the gym to keep yourself fat but not fatter as you stuff your face. Go to the gym to release that inner fit person you know is waiting patiently for their debut.


I understand that eating clean can often be tasteless and boring. Who wants to eat chicken and broccoli everyday?

How do you deal with reducing the empty calories of the Alfredo bowl while zipping up the taste of your same ol’, same ol’? Instead of eating half the bowl, divide it down to fourths. Then, heat some precooked chicken meat and add that to your quarter portion of Alfredo. You get the taste of Alfredo but with more protein form the added calories and reduced carbs because you are eating such a smaller portion. Instead of eating 340 calories of Alfredo, you are eating 170, with 3oz of chicken at 110 calories. Add a cup of broccoli or asparagus to the mix and now you’re a fitness rock star!

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That’s one of the secrets to hitting your fitness goals: realize there is a difference between a serving size, and the size of the portion you serve yourself. You are under no obligation to eat the entire bowl, or to eat the recommended serving size. You can shake things up to suit your fitness goals. Also, dividing up this one bowl into 4 portions saves some money. Plus, you can take it home and do the same thing for dinner.

Get creative with portion sizes (as in reduce them), add vegetables and protein. Eating cleaner need not be time consuming or tedious. You just need to find creative solutions to some of the issues being created by past habits.

In the next post, we’re going to talk about why some obese people may actually be malnourished.


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