How much is your health worth?

TOP 10 Most Expensive Junk Foods in the World - EALUXE

There is something that bothers me greatly. How people ignore themselves until it is usually, almost, too late.

To help illustrate this issue, take a look at your underwear, or the state of your home. Stay with me here. Most people, especially women, wear their underwear until it resembles the look and texture of cobwebs. They save, ‘the good stuff’ for ‘special occasions’. Where your home is concerned, are you living with undone repairs or repairs that are patched up and barely working until ‘later’? I hear people talk about not doing anything to their home until they get ready to sell it. They will spruce-it-up for the next owner, but not for themselves. What about your car? How long have those brakes on your car been squeaking? A few years ago, there was a story in the paper about a young man who had put off having the brakes on his car repaired because he wanted to buy a luxury item. They failed one day, he hit another driver and now their lives will never be the same.

Are you taking care of your body in the same fashion you take care of your; underwear, house, and car? It is far easier (and less expensive in the long run) to buy better food, and buy supplements if needed, than to pay for expensive medical treatment and prescriptions later. I know of people who have the equivalent of a Mercedes Benz in their chests (a pace maker). Yes, it’s usually covered by insurance but that puts a strain on the system for everyone.

We have seen insurance companies, and employers, refuse to cover, or higher people with bad habits such as smoking, and drinking, or even those who are older or overweight, because of the increase in health care costs for those individuals. I fully expect those ‘loyalty’ cards we use at the grocery store to end up being used against us in the very near future. I envision an automated voice, or the poor cashier, informing us that we have bought our allowed quota of butter for the month under new FDA guidelines.It is getting intense out there, people.

If you are buying the latest tech gadget, new accessories for yourself, your car, your home, your children, stop for a moment and add some of that up. The less t.v. you watch the less likely you are to buy the latest gizmo, hoodad, and junk food. Advertising works.

Did you add up your expenditures for last month on non-essentials? Non-essentials are anything besides, paying you rent/mortgage, food, utilities, gas for your car, and work clothes. Seriously make-up, cell phones, piercings, fake:nails-eyelashes-breasts-hair, and tattoos are not essential items for survival. Take a good look at your clothes. Toss out items that are not salvageable. Have items that are in better shape repaired in need be and wear them again instead of buying new cute clothes for every outing. Stop buying your coffee, and dinner, at a kiosk.

Now that you have found some extra money, here is how to spend it on good, nutritious food.

Clean out your pantry and fridge of ALL old, expired, processed foods. Such things as; instant potatoes, bags of rice and beans. Toss, cans of soup, anything containing canola, soy, or vegetable oil. Toss margarine, artificial sweeteners, even Stevia, and agave. Toss out your cow’s milk. Toss those edamame pods, bean sprouts and creamy salad dressings. If it comes in a can, box or bottle and has an ingredient you cannot pronounce, toss it. Now that your cupboards, pantry (if you have one) and fridge are cleaned out, we are going to fill them all with good, healthy food.

Shopping List

Meat: poultry (chicken, turkey, wild game if available), beef- buy grass fed if available and purchase well marbled meat (meat with swirls of fat), fish (salmon, cod, shrimp, scallops, etc.) unbreaded is best. If you live in an area where you can buy wild game, do so.

Eggs: While eggs are found in the dairy section they are not dairy. I have had people ask me about this. Nut butters are not dairy even though they contain the word ‘butter’. You will not find them in the dairy section. Buy a dozen, organic eggs.

Oils/fats: Ghee is a butter reduction. You can either make your own, or buy it. Avocado oil- I like avocado oil for cooking better than olive oil. Olive oil breaks down at high heat so you must either cook on a lower heat or only use it for salad dressing or marinade if you wish to avoid the bad things that happen to it when it is over heated. Also avocado has no detectable taste making it a great, versatile oil that does not overwhelm the flavor of the other ingredients. Coconut oil- coconut oil is a very healthy fat. cook with it as much as poss bile. I would be cooking with it more but my husband cannot stand the taste. I also like to cook with toasted sesame oil. It adds another delicious layer of depth to whatever you cook.

Vegetables. Just because it is green does not mean you should eat it. No beans, grains, or legumes on the paleo diet. I see many ‘paleo’ recipes using green beans. Obviously the people writing these recipes are clueless about the details of a paleo diet. Do not buy potatoes unless they are sweet potatoes or yams. Buy onions, garlic, and mushrooms and cook with them as much as possible. Buy broccoli, and asparagus. If you eat salads make sure to not buy GMO salads. Dole is a big producer of GMO food. Do not buy salad kits or mixes. They typically use bad oils for the dressings, and have added ingredients (cheese) not on the paleo diet. Buy ingredients and make your own. You can of course buy other vegetables that you like as long as they are not on the ‘do not buy’ list.

Fruit: small quantities, seasonal only.

Buy salsa, hot sauce, and whatever spices make you happy.

Buy vinegar; apple cider, persimmon (from the Asian grocery store) and malt. Yes, malt is a grain but using it as a vinegar is ok.

If you do not have one, purchase a water filter pitcher.

Do not buy juices. They are just empty, sugary calories.

If you do not have a portable lunch kit, buy one. make it a good one with room for a cold pack. Do not put it in the fridge at work. That is why you want at least one cold pack, perhaps two. Keep your lunch at your desk. Keep water in a metal stainless steel container at your desk. No more plastic bottles. Bring your own mug from home for your coffee/tea/gin (kidding).

Bring and use your own metal cutlery. You’re an adult, eat like one. You can even bring a cloth napkin if you like. Level up your environmental awareness if-you-will. Just do not tuck it into your shirt, under your chin.

Now that you bought ingredients, go to Youtube and watch some cooking videos. You can make all your food for the week in one day and freeze it, or you can make it the night before, put it in the fridge and take it to work the next day.

Look at you! You’re evolving!



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