How do you motivate the disinterested?


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I have a client who will not do anything to change their health. I don’t even know why they are consulting with me. Healthy food tastes gross and everything needs either cheese sauce or it needs to be darn near gourmet in order for them to eat it.

This person is 200+ pounds overweight, has a beautiful wife, two kids, and a grandchild. They also have heart disease, type 2 diabetes, they are going blind and they have ED. They will be the person who is slowly diminished through amputation of their extremities and sad as that is, not even that will motivate them to get off their backside and be proactive about their health. This person would be perfectly happy to live life as a sea sponge. No joke.

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I have a friend who is also a personal trainer. Her brother is a type 2 diabetic and also does not seem to care about his health. He does nothing to improve his health. He does not test his blood. He doesn’t even eat much food.

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Is lack of empathy for oneself a symptom of diabetes? Or is diabetes a symptom of a lack of empathy and narcissism? How does a person get to this point? How much do you have to hate yourself in order to allow this level of entropy and decay to happen to your person?

Eating healthy and working out can be difficult for some people but to have it get to the point where not even losing the ability to have sex, or the threat of losing your eyesight, or possibly losing a limb will get you to make the necessary changes toward a healthier lifestyle boggles my mind.

The healthy lifestyle is a tough lifestyle but trying to get around with just one leg is harder.

Every time I workout, I feel this hungry…

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But I still workout. I still workout because prevention is better than the cure.

If you are on the fence about working out and eating clean why? Is food, and death, that important to you? You have had a life time of eating unhealthy food. There are faster, less painful ways to die. Decide today that nothing will keep you from being fit and healthy. Then go and BE fit & healthy.



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