Teresa Giudice is always surprising

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Photo from Perez Hilton site. Please let me keep it!

Last weekend, Teresa Giudice competed in a figure event. You could knock me over with a feather.

I first saw, Teresa in the now infamous scene where she completely looses her sh!t and tosses over an entire table filled with post dinner glasses and dish that had not yet been cleared.

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I thought I had anger issues!

As some of you may know she ended up going to prison and was released in December of 2015.

Aside from the t.v. show, her epic temper tantrum, and going to prison, Teresa is also know for being a loving, caring, and very involved mother to her daughters as well as having written several books. I had no idea she was training for or intending to compete in a figure competition. I’m oddly proud of her. She’s not my friend. I don’t know her other than from the format of being a celebrity but when I saw the story of her competing I thought, ‘Good for her!!”.

Preparing for a figure competition is a great goal. So many times, especially on get-fit-quick television shows, people set a goal of entering a race to help motivate them. That’s great, especially if you like to run. I do not. Competing in some sort of an event that takes a physical transformation in order to succeed can help bring your intensity and commitment to workout into full focus. Also, it gives you something else to think about besides whatever stresses you face daily.

Do you make fitness goals? If you are having a hard time advancing in your fitness journey, perhaps making a few challenging and yet attainable goals could help you reach your target?


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