Can we please go back to the 90’s?

A pill organizer can simplify medication management, giving peace of mind and maximizing independence.
An amphitheater for your pills is not a good thing. Not because it’s not a good product. I don’t know about it either way. But rather because no one should be taking that much medicine.

Or at least my wedding day. I’m not going to be able to get through this post without crying. The tears are already forming. I’d like to go back to that day because it was the last really happy day that I had before the people I love started to deteriorate in physical and mental health.

Two people I know who have been diagnosed with cancer are not doing well. One has already had a bone marrow transplant. It lowered the amount of cancer cells for a short time but the numbers are slowly creeping back up. She will die.

The other person has had chemo and possibly radiation. It has not worked. He is going to have a bone marrow transplant in the near future donor pending. I know of one other person who has cancer who has opted for radiation only. This person is in their 80’s and feels that at their age anything too drastic would impact their quality of life. I get it. Especially after seeing what cancer treatment does to the body of the person who receives it.

I know of one person who went through cancer treatment, had their cancer go away and is alive today to tell the tale. This person did not JUST do the doctor recommended cancer treatment. This person also drank, Essiac tea, had colonics to remove the extra chemo from their body and took supplements to boost their immune system. The other people that I wrote about do not believe in ‘alternative’ medicine. They are not doing as well as the person who combined natural medicine with doctor prescribed ‘unnatural medicine’.

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Why is natural medicine scorned? I believe the answer is because people have been conditioned through television and movies to mock it. ‘Modern’ medicine has only been around for about 100 years or so. How did people treat themselves before all of these (usually) ineffective and dangerous drugs came about? Plants. People not only grew their own food in ‘kitchen gardens’ but usually, if they had a vegetable garden they also had an herb garden. Usually the woman of the house, or at least one of her servants, had a rudimentary knowledge of certain herbs and how to use them for ordinary ailments such as gas, coughing, allergies, sleeplessness, etc. Doctors were hard to come by especially if you lived out in the country. Most doctors were feared because their remedies were often worse than the ailment. Hmmm, looks as if not much has changed in that regard. Except for the fact that we have become more and more separated from nature, plants that heal, and how to make simple home remedies. Do you REALLY need a prescription for every little thing that ails you? We are having a opioid crisis in America right now because people are being over medicated. When my husband’s Achilles tendon snapped we went to the ER for help. His pain was at a level 2 out of ten and the nurse suggested he take Tylenol with codeine. That is the closest I’ve ever came to smacking a stranger. My guardian angel held my arm down that day.

Several years ago, I passed an ovarian cyst the size of a large grape (As in- the large grape sized cyst passed through my fallopian tube which is about the size of a straw. Yeah. It took a couple of hours.), I actually passed (As in it came out of my body. Not as in I drove passed it.) three cyst of various sizes, almost passed out from the pain, and never took a pain killer stronger than regular Tylenol during the whole ordeal. Not because I’m all big and bad, and my husband is not (because he did decide to take the pill) but because 1. I don’t go to the doctor or hospital unless it is truely life threatening as in, things are gaping open and bleeding, or about to fall off.  2. I do not like feeling out of control. In the past, when I had my lumpectomies, I did take Tylenol with codeine after my first surgery. Back then, I did not know it was addictive. It did not do anything for the pain. I still hurt, I was just too ‘out of it’ to care. I did not, and still do not, want to go through life, ‘out-of-it’.

It was during that time of my surgeries that I decided I would change how I was living in order to avoid a future diagnosis of cancer. It took awhile to integrate healthier eating into my life. Desire and follow through are often worlds apart. I still struggle. A healthy lifestyle is a process. The reason why people struggle to eat clean and exercise is because they don’t like it. I know I don’t. The only reason why I went to the gym last night is because it has air conditioning and my house does not. How is that for aesthetic living? I did workout but not because of any grand life plans for losing weight, defeating illness, and looking like Wonder Woman. But I went. And I DID work out. Still counts.

Aging parents, our own failing health, the failing health of those around us. It can make for difficult times. It can change. We must be willing to work at being healthy. Good health is not something that just happens to other people or to us accidentally because we ate a salad with oil and vinegar one day instead of a creamy dressing.

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My actual view on eating salad.

So many salad gifs so little time.

Sneaky was to eat healthier.

Go to the steak house for dinner but skip the baked potato and bread rolls. Instead have steamed broccoli and a sweet potato. No sugar on the sweet potato. Just regular butter, salt and pepper.

Go a month without eating dairy, bread or sugar.

Add broccoli, asparagus, or root vegetables to your meals instead of corn, potatoes, or salad. If you or your kids are not eating salad, stop buying it and try other green vegetables instead.

Cook with garlic, onions, mushrooms, and spices. Try lemon pepper. Try Italian spice blends.

Switch out cow’s milk for almond or cashew milk for your coffee.

Drink more water.

Do some research on supplements are start taking them if necessary.

Drink green tea for your afternoon break instead of coffee.

Stop drinking soda and bottled juice.

Stop buying and eating ice cream.

Reduce your portions by half.

Eat a piece of fruit instead of having cake or other sugary items after a meal.

Go for a walk and get some sunshine.

Buy a pet. Dogs and cats can reduce stress and prolong your life.

Take up a hobby. A physical hobby such as tennis, golf, Qi Gong or bellydancing (to name a few) as well as a non-physical hobby such as reading, painting, knitting, building miniatures, etc. help your mind. All work and no play makes you dull in many ways.

My favorite Qi Gong videos. Ten minutes everyday is better than a half an hour once a month.

Take care of yourself. You are valuable.


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