Breakfast, lunch, or dinner paleo stir-fry

If you cook it for breakfast you can get even more creative and call it ‘hash’.


1 lb grass fed hamburger

4-5 shitake mushrooms sliced

1 small package frozen organic butternut squash (it is already cooked and cubed cutting down prep and cooking time tremendously)

Spices: garlic powder, dehydrated onions, powdered coriander, 3 cardamom pods split open, seeds removed and crush in a mortar & pestle, 2 TBS Lea & Perrins sauce, S&P to taste.

Friends and family keep getting at me to write a cook book. Who can follow a cook book where the directions are always either ‘eyeball it’ or ‘to taste’?

I fried the hamburger adding the L&P sauce, garlic powder and onions. I thawed the butternut squash in the microwave (I know but hey) and added it and the shitake mushrooms and the rest of the spices. I cooked it all until it was hot, the hamburger meat well cooked, and the spices blended in well with the rest of the food.

There’s your paleo meal. Toss it in a bowl or on a plate and you’re ready to go. It needed some extra oomph so I added a pat of butter. Delish.



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