Where is your mind?

The Old Money Book: Living Better While Spending Less - Secret's of America's Upper Class

I found this book on Amazon the other night while I was perusing other books. I study people. One of the things I study about them is how different classes of people think.

You may have read in a past post how I decided to change up from the pool of men in which I was dating in order to find a more suitable mate. Typically, each generation exceeds the previous generation to some degree. My mother grew up on a dirt farm in southern Wyoming. She left home as soon as she turned 18, went east, ended up in Virginia and married my father who was in the Navy. She was a secretary for a branch of the government which is how they met (my father kept delivering papers to her office for opportunities to chat her up).

My mother decided that a rural farm life was not for her. In order to change her life she took risks. She looked for, and found, something better than how she grew up. It’s ok to do that in case you were feeling as if you had to live by the same standards as everyone else around you. You do not. You do not have to be mean about it but you CAN dress better, speak better, have more money and send your children to better schools than what you had when you were growing up. That’s a great way of making true progress. True progress is lifting yourself, and those around you, up and out of the circumstances in which they feel stuck. It is not tearing down, criticizing, or vilifying those persons who live life different from the way in which you live your life.

I decided I wanted more when I went looking for a husband and I read up on what I wanted, how to change myself in order to obtain what I wanted… AND THEN I CHANGED. I did not go to biker bars to look for a gentleman. I did not want a project. I wanted a husband that was well read, had traveled, had made it through some tough circumstances in life. Someone mature; physically, emotionally, and mentally. What does any of this have to do with the book pictured above, where your mind is, or you? I’m so glad you asked.

The rich aren’t who they are just because they have money. Certain rich people have an entire different way of thinking. Being fit and healthy, well educated, and well groomed is, for them, part of proper etiquette. They would never demand the right to breast feed in public. They would never wear sweat pants to the theater, pajama bottoms to the store, or even leave the house without being impeccably groomed. Everything they do is geared toward being as inoffensive as possible, and setting a good example.

This book, The Old Money Book is not about making money. There is more to living well than making gobs of money.

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You can be as poor as a church mouse and still have the mindset of a queen because of how you respect yourself, and those around you. How you value education and strive to speak well, be polite, eat well (not gluttonously but healthy, clean food and not processed or fast foods), dress as well as you can and present to the world the best you that you have to offer.

This book covers many topics from education (I love how the author states kids are at school to learn, not to socialize), to eating healthy, how to handle the money you already have and more if the opportunity should arise, etiquette, work ethic, family & marriage, attire, reading housing, socializing, and much more. This is a book about living well and what that actually means.

The point of this post, this book is… you do not have to stay where you are unless of course you are happy where you are and that’s fine. If, however, you are not happy with where you are and you want a different life for yourself, your children, whatever the reason, you can go out and live YOUR life how you want to it to be lived. You do not need anyone’s permission but you may need a road map. This book, and others, can help you get to the place where you are living the way you wish to live.

First, change your mind, then change your life.



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