Do feminists even buy lingerie?

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I some how had an RT from, The Fashion Law in my Twitter feed today. I investigated it further and found links to an article about how Victoria’s Secret is marketing to women as if it were still 1999. My curiosity was up so I read the article. CLEARLY it is written by a feminist. How do I know this? Because the author, like most feminists, is completely out of touch with what most men think is sexy.

Things feminists think should work within the laws of attraction but (usually) do not.

  1. I should be allowed to be as foul as I want and still be adored as if I burp hearts and rainbows.     rainbow vomit gif | Tumblr
  2. Short hair and no make up = just as sexy as long hair and glammed up. Sure honey, that’s why the cosmetics industry grosses around 62 Billion & and LL Bean is around 1.6 billion with a baby b.

Now, I’m not saying that short haired women can’t get men.

Morena Baccarin. | hair styles | Pinterest
Morena Baccarin with short hair but still working the make up wearing (heavens can it be?!) a smile.

What I am saying is that for the most part, there is a some what universal ‘type’ that most men go for and it’s not usually ultra butch. For some reason, the woman who wrote this article blames the dip in sales at Victoria’s secret to the ‘Me Too’ movement. I personally do not believe that the ‘Me Too’ movement has that much pull.

Perhaps the dip in sales could be blamed just as well on the lack of actual physical interaction between people these days in lieu of pseudo interaction via the Internet? Why go to all that trouble when I can just ‘wing it’ over the ether? I used to believe I could get a man just by my ‘sparkling personality’ alone. When I woke up, and grew up, I realized I needed to bait the trap with better cheese. Yes, I used the word, ‘trap’. Get over it. Most people put their best foot forward when dating. Even animals with the biggest manes, brightest plumage, and best song have a marked advantage over the competition. Yet, for all their supposed belief in evolution and claims of how close people are to animals, somehow that does not translate to how similar to animals we are when shopping for a mate. We are supposed to be evolved past all of that mating ritual nonsense. I find it interesting how the narrative changes to meet the daily agenda.

I think that there are women who do not want certain things to be true. They try to convince the world that it is more evolved to not put any effort into one’s appearance especially when searching for a mate. They forget about pheromones. They forget that men are visual creatures. They blame the lack of viable dating candidates on everything except themselves, their attitudes, and conveniently forget that packaging, and marketing, really does work. What message does it send when you walk around dressed as if you do not care, and speaking to the people around with disrespect? Yet all the while demanding yourself to be shown the respect you cannot show to those around you? Most likely you’ll die alone.

I read a story not too long ago about a British Lord that was looking for a certain type of woman to marry and have his children. He is in his sixties and still single. Where can you relax your standards? Where can you cut the other person some slack in order not to die alone? Would an extra 4-6 inches of hair really destroy your identity? It might. I remember an episode of America’s Top Model where one the the female contestants cried when the stylist cut off her under arm hair. Can you be stronger? Can you put on a bit of lipstick, or lingerie, without feeling as if you are betraying the ‘Me Too’ movement? The ‘me Too’ movement does not have to walk out your life. Nor do any of your friends. If you want to be cute, and to you cute means long hair, grow out your hair. If you want to graduate your wardrobe, do it. If you want to be nasty be nasty but then don’t whine about being lonely. Figure it out and make the changes necessary to have the life you want to live.

But understand this, neck tattoos, and a pissy attitude, may be keeping you from the job you want if that job is in a conservative market such as banking, investing, insurance, etc.

Looking like a guy when you are a woman may be keeping you in the friend zone when you really want to be in the wife zone. Most men do not go digging very deep to find the hidden treasure in a woman. Most men are fairly straight forward. You show them a foul mouthed, temperamental woman and they will believe the message that is being sent. If your friends have to keep telling people, ‘no really, she is nice you just have to get to know her’, perhaps you need to take a moment to assess and evaluate how you are presenting yourself to the world and yes… make adjustments where needed.

What would you be willing to do to find and obtain your mate, or your dream job? Would you be willing to cut off you man bun? Laser off those tats? If you are hungry or lonely enough you might. I just hope you wake up before it’s too late and you find yourself like that British Lord, alone in your castle without any heirs.


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