Is reading necessary?

I love the show, Elementary. Pretty much any show, or movie, about Sherlock Holmes is going to captivate me enough to where I’ll need to watch every episode of t.v. or movie that comes out. I just love movies and t.v. Well… what I consider to be good movies or t.v.

I am embarked upon a reading quest. I am reading classical literature. I like it, but reading makes me sleepy. I can also sleep through an action movie. No joke. Explosions are like lullabies but the constant drone of a news anchor’s voice makes me want to tear off my ears. Ok, a bit of a rabbit trail there folks.

Going back to the show, Elementary. I was watching a re-run of a past episode the other night. Part of what was going on involved a cheating scandal at a university. One student explained it to, Holmes in an attempt to justify what she had done by telling him she had too much home work to do regarding her actual major to be concerned about writing a paper on a topic (a novel that was required reading) that had nothing to do with the reason why she was at university (she was a medical major). A very narrow minded, albeit prevalent, mentality about education. Unfortunately it is one that I shared when I was younger. Students that only learn what they want ended up being narrow minded. All of those classes they think are a waste of time because they do not directly relate to their major are actually doing more good for them than just limiting their studies to their majors.

Identity of Don Quixote – Go Hidal-Go!

I have begun my classical literature reading journey with the novel, Don Quiote by, Cervantes. I plotted out how many pages I wanted to read per day and I am finding that I can get through about half of my goal before I zonk out. The recommendation is to read 4x per week for about 10-20 minutes. I was trying to read a book a week which meant longer reading times in order to get through more pages. That is not going to happen.

Blog button It’s a pipe dream.

As I read, I find myself thinking of how what I read can be applied to today’s goings on. How Don Quiote’s made up giants and brigands remind me of SJWs needing to fight against every ‘injustice’ whether or not it is a reality. It’s a reality to them but that does not mean it is a valid use of emotions, time, or resources. Attacking every perceived ‘injustice’ can be exhausting. That sort of exhaustion can lead to mental health issues which in turn can lead to poor judgments especially in the area of what is a real ‘dragon’ worth slaying and what is something that needs to be let go. If everything is a BIG DEAL then nothing is it turns out. I compare it to the excessive use of the words ‘awesome’ and ‘extreme’. Not everything can be ‘awesome’ and ‘extreme’. Overuse of such words has diminished their impact. Reading classical literature can help people put things into perspective and improve their analytical skills.

Reading can help with; your memory, it can help to improve concentration and focus, it can improve your grammar and writing skills, as well as help improve your grammar, it stimulates you mentally while at the same time reducing your stress levels.

Reading a book is very different from watching a movie about the same topic. I knew reading, The Lord of the Rings would be different from the movie trilogy but I was not prepared for how VERY different the movies are from the books.

I couldn't have said it better: Book vs. Movie | Bookworm | Pinterest | Bridget jones, Its ...

There are characters in the books that never made it to the film.

On top of all the reading, one is also encouraged, nay, urged to keep a journal of the book one is reading. Oi Vey!

How to Start and Decorate a Diary (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Some people call continued learning a hobby. Sometimes it feels like a Herculean task.

Have you stopped reading? Why? It’s not too late to train your mind to read. Perhaps the increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s is partially due to how little we read these days?  I don’t know but it seems as if the lack of reading is having a big impact on our culture. The impact it is having is not good.

Tell me what you are reading.


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