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We are incredibly separated from nature and how God intended us to interact with the wonderful world he created. Fields of healing plants have been plowed under to make way for asphalt and concrete. Even in places where there is space for nature, we are so entrenched in our daily lives we really have no idea the healing plants that are all around us.

For example. After the Waldo Canyon Fire destroyed over 300 homes, and decimated almost 20,000 acres of land causing nearly half a million dollars in damage.

Waldo Canyon Fire. Photo from Wikipedia.

Afterward, nature began to recover. Plants began to grow. One of the first was the humble Mullein or Verbascum thapsus. Mullein has and still can be used as candles, for relief of coughs, treatment of skin conditions such as; bruises, tumors, rheumatic pains and hemorrhoids. An concoction can be made using the flowers and olive oil to treat ear aches. However, not everyone sees these amazing plants as beneficial.

File:Verbascum thapsus 4.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Classified as a ‘noxious weed’ by an environmental technician, the local count in their ‘wisdom’ advised people to pull them up and destroy them on sight.

After a wildfire devastates and area, the next issue is flash flooding caused when there is nothing to hold the soil in place, or absorb the rain. When the so called noxious weed seeds take hold and begin to grow, they put out root systems that help to hold soil in place, product seeds that feed birds, and as an added bonus, some even provide medicinal aid if one knows how to use these wonderful gifts.

Have you ever done any wild crafting? Wild crafting is where you go out into nature and look for medicinal plants. I highly recommend that at least once a month, perhaps more depending on your interest level, you take yourself, perhaps some friends and your kids if you have them, and head out into the green areas of where you live and see what kinds of edible, and/or medicinal plants you can find.Make notes of their location. Separate them into their classifications. Note if your city sprays them for insect control. My city sprayed an entire canyon last year with pesticides to control a moth population that was destroying the local pine trees. You would not want to go wild crafting in that area for a while until the pesticide had been deteriorated by rain and natural elements.

Are you interested in learning more about plants and their benefits? What would you do with your knowledge?

As medicine becomes more and more toxic to our bodies, as well as food and the environment in which we live, I believe it is more important now than ever to get to know and cultivate healing plants. Read up about supplements, essential oils (do your own research and do not rely on someone selling them in an MLM). Teach yourself about what heals, and what harms. Be informed so that you can make better decisions about your health, and that of your family.

To that end and to help you navigate the world of herbs, nutrition, and supplements, I’m beginning a Youtube channel to explain to you how changing what you eat and drink can improve your health. I’ll be working on this all week. When it launches, I’ll let you know.


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