Same ol’ same ol’

I’m doing research to find vegetable recipes for the upcoming Ss. Peter and Paul fast that begins in less than 2 weeks. Of course whenever you start looking for paleo focused recipes you run into the ‘nay sayers’ who think eating the paleo way will be the down fall of society. Why? Red meat consumption and not whole grains. Basically, the same argument EVERY uninformed person makes regarding the paleo diet.

This is my response.

cat in a lion custume rawr yawning gif | WiffleGif

Well, you know my response is going to be a bit more than a yawn.

Every time I try to fast from meat and eat more grains or beans, I instantly find myself suffering from heartburn & constipation.

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Sorry. I could not resist.

Not one single person who opposes the paleo diet has said anything new and innovative about why it can’t work. Why they think it is bad for a person’s health. It is because they do not do research on why it works. They have their sacred cows of nutrition and that’s it.

I was watching a video on how when the Muslims invaded countries they would burn the libraries. They did this for two reasons: If a book has anything to say about Muhammad it is superfluous, destroy it. If a book does not have anything to say about Muhammad it is not worth reading, destroy it. This is exactly the view point I have run across with many nutritionists and doctors regarding the paleo diet. If their ‘party line’ regarding nutrition is not being strictly adhered to, the information is worthless and dangerous. Despite the many studies that have been done showing low fat diets are detrimental to the health of people, both physically and mentally, they are still the only nutritional advice being giving in most hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Oh to see a pamphlet on the paleo diet in a doctor’s office!!

I think I will pass on participating in the Apostles’ fast this year while I work on figuring out how to do paleo and fast for long periods of time. Do I increase my intake of shell fish? Do I use more supplements and paleo shakes for protein? I think for now I will just try and do a normal two-day-a-week fast even during the more lengthy fasts.


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