Sexist workout logs?

Can you match the pages to the cover? It might be slightly harder if it were not for the color coordination.




I was at one of those ‘super’ grocery stores and saw these three workout journals. I may be being sexist or just over reacting, but one of these is NOT like the others.

One journal is very detailed. One page is titled MEAL PLAN. It has space to list; foods, amount eaten, cals, carbs, and fats. There is a space for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks per day. The following page is the ACTIVITY LOG. LIFTING is prominent with space to note the type of workout, reps and weights. There is also a big space to note your cardio workout type and duration PLUS notes.  What you do not see is that at the bottom of the page are water drops to help you record your water intake. I love that feature. I love all of this workout journal which is why I bought it and not the cutie journals I would have rather purchased.

Yes, the journal I purchased is the one with the black cover. I like the layout better. It seems to take working out more serious. There seems to be more room for the lists, especially for noting lifting. Lifting seems to be more prominent in the black journal than the other two which seem to favor cardio. There does not seem to be as much room to list food, and lifting,  in the other two journals because… girls don’t eat or lift?

The other messages seem to be this; pretty workout journal means ‘not serious about fitness’ and serious about fitness means ‘you don’t want a pretty journal’? Also, the formats in the two… ‘girly’? journals seems to be less succinct than what I see in the black journal.

In an atmosphere of stinky gym, sweating people, enduring pain & boredom, etc., I believe a pretty journal can go a long way in making the effort more enjoyable. Maybe that’s just me? Maybe not. Then again maybe the joy, and motivation, can be found in what is ON the page rather than what encases the pages?



One thought on “Sexist workout logs?

  1. Let me say I like pretty, beautiful, exciting, and detail. Am I sexist? I am man! Who knows. You are so right the color does not make the effort any better, the detail, yes it does you can set goals, pace yourself, make sense of what you have done or accomplished. Great write, great subject, and give the gym heck the black book with detail is your friend, not necessarily a BFF.


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