Be kind and loving; why is it so hard?

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I am constantly bombarded with people speaking and acting in unforgiving ways. I even caught myself being rather unpleasant in traffic the other day. It seems we are all on a short fuse these days with very little grace to spare for those around us.

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I came home today after a wonderful time spent with hubby driving through the mountains to find that someone had left a couple of nasty grams in my comments section.

Here’s a little secret for those of you who think being nasty changes people… it does NOT.

A contrite and broken heart reaches people more than vile words, bitterness and anger. There is a certain group of people who think that they can speak however they like to people with whom they do not agree. Why are so many people so uncivilized to one another? I am not justifying the words I used the other day in traffic. I was prepared to drive past the person being difficult, selfish and ignorant in how she was driving but when she became sarcastic and nasty, I lost my cool. Why? Too much pride I know. I allowed myself to be wounded. My passions were too great at that moment.

I am so thankful to Orthodox Christianity for giving to me the tools to overcome these passions. I’m not perfect. I’ll be working on doing better everyday of my life until the day I die. What Orthodoxy has done for me however, is it has helped me to realize not every little thing is a great big deal. It has given me focus and perspective to see what really matters. What is really worth fighting for in this life.

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So, I’m praying. I’m praying for the person who upset me so in traffic the other day. I’m praying for the person who came to my blog and ‘slimed’ me for one of my posts. Being a
Christian is not easy, but it is absolutely 100% worth it to clean house so-to-speak before I die.


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