House fire, books, art… the usual

Our church does a Meal Train for moms after they have given birth and they are in their, ‘baby moon’. A baby moon is that 40 days the mom and baby are together before baby is brought to the church to be baptized. I signed up to take them a vegan, Mexican food meal. They also have a dairy allergy. I thought I was ok using Madras Lentils.

Tasty Bite Madras Lentils, Set of 6 | World Market

I was wrong. Madras Lentils contain dairy. I had to start over and cook lentils from scratch. Thankfully, I have my pressure cooker. I used Chug Water Chili powder to season them.

It’s pretty good stuff. I also use it to make salsa from just a can of diced tomatoes. I burned myself twice but in the end, it was delish. If-I-do-say-so-myself. I included; homemade Spanish rice, store bought guac and extra salsa also store bought, chips, orange juice, and fruit bars. My husband drove us to the home of the ‘kids’ they’re 20 I’m 50 I kept referring to them as ‘the kids’. As I turned around to leave, I spotted smoke on the horizon. There was a fire on MY side of town. Oh, Lord, I prayed, please don’t let it be my home. As we drew nearer to our house, I realized where the fire was close to a mile away from us, and that the wind was blowing the flames away from our home. Whew.


I’m sorry those people had a fire in their home. It was not completely destroyed but still. We deal with fire danger every year in Colorado. My sister lost her home in the Waldo Canyon fire and it has been very dry over the winter. The first responders did a great job getting the fire under control. That area is compacted with homes and it could have taken out several blocks of housing.

On a lighter note. When we arrived home last night, one of the art books by, Stephanie Law that I ordered off of Amazon arrived.



I love how she did her perspective demos from the view point of; mouse, bird, and dragon in keeping with her nature/fantasy theme of her art. I think I enjoy reading art books more than I enjoy creating art.

Last, I’m reading this:

My husband and I watch the movies every year in the week he has off from work between Christmas and New Year’s. This year, I thought I would tackle the book. I should have bought the three books separately. I did not. I bought the great, big ol’ three pack tome. It is, of course, quite different from the movie. The more I read the more I appreciate, Peter Jackson’s genius ability to scrunch it all down into three movies. There is JUST SO MUCH to read. It’s as if folks back then had few choices of entertainment…

What are YOU reading? Do you read? I find that if I do not, my other language skills suffer. Just being on a computer is not enough to keep a brain sharp.




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