Say what? time for Saturday gifs

My face when people say eating meat and fat is bad for you.

Stargate Daily


Instead of desert…

10 Myths About The Paleo Diet


The only way to use lettuce.

Cats Who Are Trying The Paleo Diet



Butter is a good thing on paleo.

paleo diet | SHEmazing!


Just cuz.

Red Meat GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY



How people act toward me who have no clue about the paleo diet (including doctors, ‘nutritionists’ and scientists.)

50 Signs You're a Fitness Buff - Sohee Fit



Me when people talk about fiber and the need to eat oatmeal every morning.

The ‘Blood’ In Your Meat, Yeah It AIN’T Blood Guys



When people post bad (as in not paleo) recipes on Pinterest.

19 Feelings Every Person Who Went To Fat Camp Understands


Some people say to eat like an elk to be lean and health. I say… eat the elk.ELK Meat GIF - Picture | eBaum's World





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