Paleo protein powder & trying new food

Looking for a healthier protein powder? I think Natures Plus may end your search.

While eating the paleo way emphasizes fat and meat as primary players for health and vitality, there are instances when you need more plant based sources of nutrition and protein. What to do? Most protein powders contain undesirable ingredients such as whey, soy or pea protein sources as well as being sweetened with stevia, which kills gut bacteria. Gut bacteria are precious and you don’t want to have to take extra measures to replace them just because your protein powder killed off half of the little guys.

Enter, Natures Plus paleo protein powder. Ok, disclaimer. I am NOT being paid or compensated in any way for writing about this product… unfortunately. This protein powder contains no unapproved paleo ingredients. You do not have to compromise your commitment to eating the paleo way on days when you wish to eat more of a plant based diet.

Why am I even writing about this? Well sometimes you need to eat vegan-paleo. I used to scoff at such a notion. Vegan AND paleo was an oxymoron to me until I joined the Orthodox Christian church. This church is big on fasting. Every Wednesday and Friday unless it is during a feast time, and also we have the Nativity Fast (during the Christmas holidays) Great Lent, and the Ss. Peter and Paul fast which is coming up soon. When Orthodox Christians fast, we abstain from: dairy, eggs, meat, certain kinds of fish, oil, and wine. Many traditional vegan recipes include eggs, dairy (or fake dairy which still contain some components of dairy such as whey) beans, grains and legumes, which are not paleo. Also, I try to avoid nightshades; potatoes (which are also not paleo), peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, tomatillos, tomarillos, etc. Just like many ‘paleo’ recipes, there are vegan cooks who put sugar in their recipes. Trying to combine all of this to live more ascetically can get a bit confusing and certainly frustrating.

I could probably qualify for an exemption to the fasts but I do not want to be exempt. I want to walk out my faith as well as I can even with the need to eat a certain way. Yes, I’ve tried the Mediterranean Diet LINK and decided paleo works better for me, and what I am dealing with, regarding my health.

When I fast there are mushrooms, and root vegetables, on the menu rather than beans, grains and legumes. I think it is easy to forget the value of root vegetables when one thinks of eating meat free. Certainly ‘exotic’ mushrooms are a newer concept to people more used to the traditional button mushrooms we see at the grocery store.

‘New’ food can be quite upsetting, and confusing to some people. Melissa Naasko wrote a book on fasting as a family for Lent and was raked across hot coals in the reviews section of Amazon for daring to use nutritional yeast as an ingredient in some of her recipes. People are used to there being certain protein powders on the market. Recently, pea based protein powders have been all the rage. Peas are not a paleo food.

If you are trying to eat more plant based without flooding your body with dairy and toxins from grains, you might have to step outside your comfort zone and buy something different, and possibly a bit more expensive, than you are used to purchasing. Think of it like this, would you rather navigate the unfamiliar waters of finding, and trying out new food or would you rather explore the strange new world of prescriptions, and visits to the doctor while you try to manage the damage done to your body by eating the same old way? Men? What do you think eating all of that soy is doing to your testosterone levels?

Yes, this paleo powder is a bit different. It kind of tastes like I’m drinking sunflower seed water. It’s not bad… just different. I’d rather do that while sticking to my paleo way of eating than give in and eventually need to shoot myself up with insulin every morning.

It all boils down to what you are willing to live with vs. what you refuse to give in to in life. I know people who would rather inject insulin everyday than eat clean and go to the gym. I do not want that kind of life.

I am thankful to the people who discovered the benefits of the paleo diet and then shared them with the rest of us. I’m also thankful for the people who tinker in their kitchens and laboratories to solve some of the issues faced by people eating the paleo way.

This way of eating, exercising, and taking supplements is a preventative way of eating in hopes of staving off continued, and rapid decline in our health. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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