Go east!

Being a Navy brat, I lived in many places until I was ten. That was the summer that my adventurous, and courageous, parents decided to move to Colorado from Washington state with only about 3k to their name, two kids, and a dog. We managed to make that move in a 13ft trailer, pulled behind our Chevy sedan, without killing each other. Although once along the way I did almost lose a toe in a river.


My dad was standing in the middle of it and asked me to bring some bait to him. I walked it out to him, in my bare feet, across the rocks. Right? As I stepped on one of the rocks, I felt a sharp ‘tug’ in between my big and middle toe. I reached down with my fingers to investigate, and they came up covered in blood. Cue the hysterics. There we were in the middle of nowhere and I needed stitches. For someone who is not comfortable in the big wide open, and an introvert who was already stressed out living in a tiny camper with her family; I was SO ready to go get a reservation at a hotel by-my-self. I was ten.

My poor mom had to do some field dressing out there in the wild on a hysterical, grumpy ten year old who did not like being touched. Especially she did not like her wounds being touched (my dad is one of those dads who thinks rubbing an injury really fast and then dousing it with day-glo iodine will cure everything). Stroke? No worries. Rub head vigorously with bare hand and then spread a generous amount of iodine on the patient’s head over the spot where the stroke occurred. Giant gash between your toes? No problem. Pour some orange iodine into that gaping wound wrap it tight and lets get back to having fun!

I spent the rest of the trip (Hello San Diego Zoo!) being carried on the back of my dad any time we left the car if where I wanted to go was too far to hop.

When we arrived in Colorado, we spent some time living in a camp ground until my parents found a duplex for us to move into. We spent a fair amount of time living there until we moved into a house of our own. I was one of those kids who walked two, and back home from, school unless the weather was bad.

In junior high (now called middle school) I sang in the choir. My home ec teacher had a little gray poodle named, Phyllis that she would bring to class once and a while. Do kids still have home ec and shop classes? I loved shop class. It was dangerous! Anything you did could cost you an eye or you might be grabbed by your hair and sucked into a machine. School was adventurous when I was growing up.

When I went to high school, I was on the swim team. For me however, it was more like the Try Not to Drown Team.

Looking back on it now, I am thankful I grew up how I grew up and with the family God gave to me.


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