Are you lying to yourself?

Liar, liar pants on fire...

A dear friend of mine, the woman who introduced me to my wonderful husband 14 years ago, is a personal trainer. She is not just a personal trainer, she is a very frustrated personal trainer. You see… she is fed up with her clients lying to her. They lie to her about working out. They lie to her about what they ate. They think they can pull the wool over her eyes. She is a professional. She can tell when they are lying because the proof is visible on their bodies. If they were eating clean and working out they would see changes in their bodies.

My point? Are you being honest with yourself and what you are actually doing to make changes for the better? Or are you lying to yourself?

Do you eat clean in the morning but need something sweet after lunch? Do you still add sugar to your coffee/tea after vowing to stop? Do you only do 5 minutes of cardio but really you were supposed to do 20 minutes of H.I.I.T. but still log it as 20?

it is not that her customers are lying to themselves that bothers my friend. She will still get paid either way. What bothers her is that those lying clients pretend they are doing things right but act like it is a big ol’ mystery as to why they are not losing weight. To make matters worse, they think she does not know what they are doing. She knows, your body knows, you know, your friends and family know… EVERYONE knows you cheat on your diet and don’t really exercise. If you are truely eating clean and working out, your body must show a difference eventually. Just as you cannot hide poor physical habits that make you fat, you cannot hide the positive reaction your body has when you adopt good habits to develop a fit lifestyle.

Are you ready to get busy? Are you ready to honor yourself and to stop lying and get fit?

Get started right now. don’t wait for the weekend to be over. Celebrate yourself and your good healthy by eating clean for the rest of the day, the week, the month, then two months, a year… etc. Surprise yourself and everyone around you with great effort and results!


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