Social climbing shaming…

and why it must stop.

Give Dick a Chance – Bjütie
Kate Middleton. A high quality woman who married up. I’m sure there are bitter men out there still trying to figure out why she did not choose them over the future king of England.

“There has never been a shortage of people eager to draw up blueprints for running other people’s lives.” -Thomas Sowell

It seems today as if there are still some aspects of other people’s lives that are ok to vilify (really, it is not ok). The one being highlighted recently falls under a few different names; hypergamy is the trendy word (I had to look that one up), some call it social climbing, or being a gold digger… I call it marrying up.

Here’s how the shaming works. Some guy talks about ‘high quality women’ all day long. Blah, blah, high quality women, blah, blah whine about lack of high quality women, blah, blah some more. Then, the same guy whines and complains about women who ‘marry up’. Because… it’s ok for him to want a better mate, but to the same man, it’s not ok for a woman to want a better mate. Guys, this is called being a big ol’ hypocrite.

These same men who demand a woman be thin/curvy, cook for them, clean for them, bring them their beer, or whatever their twisted male ideal of womanhood is, cannot handle it when a woman rejects them for their own flaws.

Guys, it is natural for a woman to seek out, and want to marry superior males. (If you are not a superior male (if you are whining about women overlooking you in favor of superior males) you are probably NOT a superior male.) Superior males do not whine about a lack of high quality women. The reason for this is that high quality women flock to the men who are not whining because they are superior males.

In one arena, you have feminists demanding men love, and idolize, overweight women the way they do lingerie models. Gals, that’s just not going to happen. I am not trying to fat shame anyone. Most men are highly visual. They have been programmed as to what they should consider to be conventional, and highly desired, beauty. Every Bond movie ever made had the most beautiful (by conventional standards) women imaginable as, ‘Bond Girls’. That is what men have been taught, that is what most men are looking for in a woman. Looks aside, few men would be able to live with a woman who was always upset, and marching/complaining about every little thing that offended her. Angry people are often lonely people.

People want what they want. You cannot force people to date you out of political correctness.

In the other arena, you have underachieving males demanding that women… no… wait… HIGH QUALITY woman give them priority over a more successful and/or handsome male. Double standards much? Again, you cannot get people to value you by whining about how much they ignore you in favor of someone else that you are not. Both camps are missing the mark.

Both camps are delusional in their thinking. Both have created these false images of perfection that they think they want in a partner- while doing absolutely nothing to improve upon themselves; in their minds, they already are perfect. Spoiler alert… no one is perfect. It’s ‘ok’ to make the decision to not settle but rather to go out there and find the person you wish to marry despite what those around you think, or try to push you into doing.

You are the only person who must live your life. If you want to leave your current social circle and marry up, hypergamy or whatever label is being used these days to shame women into settling for mediocre men, do it. Throw off the labels and live your life. If you want a prince, go get your prince.

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