Passions and victory

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I am an Orthodox Christian. today is our Palm Sunday. Orthodox Christian talk a great deal about over coming our ‘passions’. Passions are vices we THINK make our lives easier. Many people think it is harder to eat clean and get into shape, than it is to live with ill health. This is because our passions have taken hold of us had we have believed the lies.

The truth is that it is much harder to live with disease and decrepitude than it is to go to the gym and workout or to cook a healthy meal. The difference is that the ill health creeps up slowly and you may not realize until it is too late that you are in the clutches of it until it is, or is almost, too late.

Here is an excerpt from this week’s temple bulletin on passions.

Let us all, young and old, rulers and subjects, be childlike in
innocence, that God may empower us to make a public show of the
trophies, and carry aloft the symbol of victory, not just of victory over
the evil passions, but over visible and invisible enemies, and may we
find the grace of the word to help in time of need (Heb. 4:16)….
Is it hard to do what is good, and are the virtues more difficult than the vices? That is certainly not how I see it. The drunken, self-indulgent person subjects himself because of this to more sufferings than someone who restrains himself; the licentious person suffers more than someone chaste; someone striving to become rich more than someone who lives in contentment with what he has… Since,
however, the virtues seem more difficult to us because of our love of
comfort, let us force ourselves. “The kingdom of heaven suffereth
violence”, it says, “and the violent take it by force.”

Take back our health, vitality, and life by force. Get up and move!


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