Body Analyzer 1

Because healthy living is not about one number on a scale, I bought a scale that gives me FIVE.

Vitagoods VGP-3000 Digital Body Analyzer scale Health Beauty Health Care Biometric Monitors ...

I believe this is the closest thing to accurate I can get without going to a health and wellness facility and undergoing a battery of tests. My weight and fat percentage numbers were what I had measured for myself using a cheapo fat caliper I had purchased off Amazon along with some My tape a few years back. Where previously I had only been able to monitor myself using these three numbers; waist (too big), weight (too high), fat percentage (way too high), the scale also gives me the numbers of my bone density (too low), water density (too low), and muscle mass (too low). These numbers are spot on for ill health. This is NOT where I yell, WINNING! I’m fifty. I’ll be 51 in a few months. All of these numbers can change for the good if I get it together and do what I know I need to do in order to stave off the diseases, and deterioration that occur as we get older.

If you are only using the scale to monitor your health, I recommend purchasing this type of scale in order to see more of the big picture of your health.

A word of wisdom: follow the directions. You MUST use this scale on a hard surface and NOT on carpet. Pay attention when you calibrate it. You can choose from pounds, kilograms or stones. Keep a record of all of the numbers. Pay attention when adjusting your numbers. Do you need to drink more water? Build muscle? Lower or increase your fat percentage or your weight? You can adjust many of these numbers by what you put, or don’t put, into your mouth. Vitamin D with Vitamin K can increase your bone mass. Lifting weights can increase both muscle mass and bone mass.

Let us go beyond just fat percentage, and body weight, to analyze our fitness journey.

Note: I am not receiving any compensation, monetary or otherwise, to say nice things about this machine. I bought it because another fitness vlogger recommended it and I’m glad I listened to her.


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