What is discipline?


I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day. This individual has been dealing with T2 diabetes and its effects on the body for longer than they have been diagnosed as being diabetic. This person now wants to hypnotize themselves into hating the taste of sugar. That is how frustrated they are with it all. The hard cold truth of it all is that, this individual has not been dealing with their chronic illness. They have been reactive and not proactive. This person does not want to change they way they eat. They do not want to workout.

This perosn did not become a diabetic overnight, and neither did you. You did not wake up one day suddenly overweight. It was not as if one day you were fit and the next you were fat. Becoming sick and fat was a process. Becoming fit and healthy is one as well.

Discipline is consistency. You consistently ate crap food and gained weight. You ignored what the scale, and your clothes, was trying to tell you. Now that you are dying from the choices you have made for the last however many years/decades, you are now panicking and want to drop 25, 50, 100 pounds overnight. That-will-not-happen.

You must now workout and eat clean as if it is your job. If you do not, you will end up working for the ‘healthcare’ system. How is that? You ask.

If you do not pay for a gym membership now, you will be paying for a deductible later for some sort of heart procedure, eye procedure or worse… perhaps an amputation of a limb caused by poor circulation. Another symptom of diabetes. If you do not pay extra for organic vegetables now, you could be paying for copays to a doctor’s office for testosterone injections or pills because you can no longer have an erection. Another effect of the poor circulation caused by diabetes. Do you want to be 50 and not able to have sex? You can either pay a bit more now and do the proper lifestyle changes necessary to become fit and healthy, or you can become part of the big pharma game and pay for insulin, syringes, alcohol swabs, glucose monitoring kits, diabetic socks (circulation issues), test strips, finger prickers, etc., etc., etc.

Stop complaining about getting up early in the morning to go workout. Instead, be thankful you do workout, eat clean, and work hard to stay fit so that you do not become a blind, wheelchair bound, impotent burden to your family and loved ones and an embarrassment to yourself.

Ill health is a prison. It is a prison you pay for with every bite, with every choice to sit on the couch instead of going for a walk or a workout. It is a choice you make when you stop for fast food instead of going home and cooking a healthy meal.

What choice are you going to make today?


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