Land O Lakes new half & half Review


You can see the difference in the two from the labels.



Land O Lakes has a ‘new’ half and half out. It is called, ‘ButterCream’ Style. I did not discern a notifiable taste difference but there is a bit more fat in the Buttercream than there is in the regular. If you are on the ketogenic diet or you are on paleo but still like cream in your coffee. Go for the Buttercream half and half. Every bit of fat helps.

I gained almost 10lbs while on those eye steroids, and I suffered some minor hair loss. Oh, joy. 😦

I have been monitoring my morning glucose levels and they are doing great since I’ve been on the paleo 30 day challenge. How are YOU doing on your challenge? There are 11 days left in this challenge (you know there is going to be another, and another…) If you fell off the wagon, don’t stay there for Pete’s sake! it’s not the falling off that gets you. It’s the staying on the ground.

Here is a video from, Whitney on 5 things she wishes she knew before starting her fitness journey.

If it all seems overwhelming to you right now try one thing. Maybe drink more water, or give up sugar, or stop smoking. You can do this!


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