Amazon armor men vs. women

DC Disappoints Fans With Amazon Armor In "Justice League" » Krypton Radio
Left, a more realistic portrayal of battle armor for Amazons. Right, a childish male fantasy of women in useless bikini styled armor.

In the Wonder Woman movie, the Amazons were brave, fierce, beautiful, strong, and inspirational. In the Justice League movie, the were all of these things and less. Why less? Because they were objectified by the males behind the movie who instead of keeping to the original style of their battle armor, turned them into caricatures of themselves by dressing them in what I’d describe more as battle lingerie than battle armor.

The whole Justice League movie seemed like a challenge to see how many shots of Wonder Woman’s butt and vagina they could squeeze into as many frames as possible and make it seem relevant. All the while, the men are covered in their costumes/armor up to their necks.

Justice League is Proof That the Male Gaze Ruins Everything. Even Our Beloved Wonder WomanThe ...

My question is this: with all of the ‘Me Too’ and ‘Times Up’ campaigns going on, did any of the women in this movie speak out about the armor or the gratuitous butt shots? If not, why not?

I think it boils down to two things, fear… and money. Or, condensed even further; fear of losing money/their livelihoods.

Plenty of fans have expressed their disappointment and outrage. Is anyone listening?


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