No more steroids

Yesterday was my final day of using the steroid eye drops after my cataract surgery.

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I have my last (I hope) follow up visit the first week in April. I am so thankful it all went okay. Even after I moved my right eye during surgery and heard the doctor say, ‘Oops! Try to hold still.’ Gulp, no problem.

I have 20/20 vision now for distance, but I need to use readers… pretty much for any task less than 3 ft from my face. Which means, I need them for cooking and eating. Oh joy. It has been wonderful to ride around while other people drive and to just look at how crisp everything looks with my new eyes. I can see the buds on the trees. From across the road! Putting on make up is a challenge but I’m adjusting.

If you are in need of cataract surgery but have been scared to do it, don’t be. It was super easy peasy, guys. The worst part about it was the eye drops, and for the second surgery I had a different anesthesiologist who used a different formula, and I had a not-so-good reaction to it.

A cool side effect has been how the look of my eyes has changed. They reflect more light now. It’s weirding out my sister, and mom, which is a plus. lol

Merlin, the adventures continue..., epilogue

Not quite like this but still fun!


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