Wendy Williams vs. transparency

Wendy Williams ‘finally’ talks to, Dr. Oz about her Graves’ disease.

I’m not a full time watcher of the Wendy Williams show. I don’t know who the people on her show are most of the time. I ‘discovered’ Ms. Williams a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her high energy, and blingy way of delivering celebrity gossip. She loved Wonder Woman, I loved Wonder Woman. To me, she has always been a piece of delicious eye candy. She was a curvy girl on t.v. (well, grown woman with a husband and son but you get my meaning). She wasn’t a little stick figure with a show. Then… she was on Dancing with the Stars and I was in awe. She was a ‘bigger’ woman, as in not a size 00, living her dream. I was a bigger woman hiding in the shadows.

Wendy Williams Reveals 50-Pound Weight Loss: ''Slow and Steady Is the Name of the Game''  Wendy Williams, Weight Loss
This image is not mine. It comes from Pinterest. I am willing to remove it upon request. Wendy Williams before and after a 50lb weight loss.


I got busy and stopped watching. Then, I rediscovered her show. I was aghast at what I saw. The beautiful, glamorous, curvaceous woman I had looked to from time to time for beauty and body inspiration, was a caricature of her former self. Gone was her curvy booty. Her legs were much thinner and looked as if they could barely support her weight, which had been greatly reduced.

I did not think too much about it beyond, ‘Wow, she must have worked hard to lose all that weight’. Fast forward to last year when she fainted during her Halloween show. Even then, there was not a full, truthful explanation. Again, however, I didn’t really pay much attention to it because, well, I had my own life to live and it’s been a crazy, evil, roller coaster ride for the last ten years. Wendy Williams’ health and weight were just not on my radar. However… something kept bugging me about it all.

A few weeks ago, I got to thinking about it again and I looked up some stuff on my search engine trying to find out how she had lost so much weight. All I could find was a quote from her about how she told her fat self to push back from the table and to not eat so much. That seemed a bit over simplified, and mean. I figured that if there was something good behind it that, Ms. Williams could have used to encourage her viewers to do the same, or could have sold to her viewers, she would have been talking about it more on her show. Steve Harvey has been working out and eating clean and he posts about it on social media as an encouragement to his followers. I even felt a bit sorry for myself when I read her explanation for her weight loss. ‘Why can’t I get my fat self to do the same? Why can’t I get it together and ‘push back’ too?’ Fast forward to Monday when she reveals she has Graves’ disease and… ‘Okay NOW I get it.’. It looks like her weight loss may not have been 100% from pushing away from the table. Some of it (how much is unclear) can be attributed to being part of the symptoms of Graves’ disease.  I get not wanting to talk about your illness. Maybe you are a bit freaked out by it all, you’re scared, you have an image to maintain, etc. But to say this or that was the reason for whatever is going on knowing full well it is not is something else altogether.

I don’t want to come out and full on accuse her of lying because well, it’s not nice but mostly, I don’t want to be sued. I do think her lack of transparency may have caused some distrust between she and her fans. I know it did for me.I am disappointed she felt she could not be 100% transparent with her fans all these years. I think that if she had not had to take so much time off of work, if she had not fainted during her show, it still would be a secret. I also think her cavalier remarks about how she lost the weight boarder on fat shaming; especially since what she said about how she lost the weight was not entirely the truth. ‘I pushed back from the table and didn’t eat as much.’, is very different from, ‘I have a disease called Graves’ disease and one of its symptoms is weight loss.’. No matter how much will power you have, I doubt you can compete with the weight loss associated with a disease that is contributing to someone else’s weight loss.

Ms. Williams grew up being fat shamed and put on diets from an early age. One would think she would know that there is more to losing weight than just ‘push back from the table fatty.’. So why even go there? Again, I understand not wanting your life paraded out there for the world to see but there is a difference between, a topic being off the table for discussion and flat out denying what is going on and then saying something else is responsible for your having lost 50 pounds. Sure, she could absolutely have been eating less and have had it working out for her. In the interview with, Dr. Oz she talks about being on a vegetarian diet and not getting enough of the nutrients she needed to keep her immune system strong. Her vitamin D levels were the lowest, Dr. Oz has ever seen. She has been dealing with Graves’ disease for 19 years.

In the video which you can find on Youtube, Dr. Oz tells the audience how to do a self examination on your thyroid to determine if there is something going on that warrants a visit to the doctor. The best medicine and doctor are the kind you do not need. What does that mean? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What can you do to keep your thyroid in good health to avoid complications later in life? First of all, don’t get implants. breast implants can wreck havoc on your body. Next, eat right. Use supplements and/or sunshine. Wikihow has an article on healthy thyroid maintenance. LINK HERE

Live in the Now also has a great article about thyroid health. If you’re eating certain vegetables in their raw state, STOP. This whole eating kale nonsense has gotten out of hand. There is a reason why it was only considered a decoration at the salad bar, and not part of the choices on the salad bar, for such a long time. Read the article to find out why.

You can prevent many of the diseases that are ravaging our society from ever touching you or your family by eating properly, and taking supplements.

I wish, Ms. Williams well, and many years. Ill health can be daunting.

Nothing in this article has been meant to diagnose an illness or as treatment advice. Consult your physician if you feel you have a health issue that needs professional attention. Please also see the full disclaimer on my website.


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