What about MRSA

A friend of mine called me in a panic Tuesday. She told me she has MRSA and her doctor told her it was a strain resistant to anti-biotics and that she had no idea what kind of mediations to put her on to help her fight this. NOT what you want to hear from your health care provider. However, if you are using the current ‘health care’ system get used to disappointment. Get used to being failed. In

Most doctors do not engage in independent study about healing through nutrition or herbs once they leave medical school. How can they? In order to make money to pay off their student loans, they need to get going in their practice and see as many patients as possible. If they can’t throw a prescription at a problem, many are at a loss as how to treat an ailment. What can you do? Head to the Internet and do your own research, or try out your friendly, local herbalist.

Even after telling her husband and neighbor that her doctor had no idea how to treat her condition, they both urged my friend to go back and get anti-biotics because ‘we don’t want you to die!’. Everybody calm down now. Yes, MRSA is scary. There are many things out there that are scary. Our current medical system cannot properly treat everything that is out there which is why I strongly recommend that people educate themselves on how to deal with as much as they can on their own.

Although the first thing that pops into your mind when you read a sentence like that may be, ‘prepping’. she is talking about prepping. Perhaps, but not entirely. Our current health care system is ill-equipped to handle any sort of major outbreak. The hospitals are already filled to brimming with people receiving care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cancer.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, must know; basic first-aid,  how to identify poisonous plants, and non-poisonous plants, how to use essential oils properly (this goes way beyond the MLM e-oil information and sources) and yes, even how to make your own medicines should the need arise.

For MRSA there are essential oils that can help. While a course of anti-biotics may prove useless, taking mega doses of garlic and oregano can help to boost your body’s own natural immune system possibly giving you a fighting chance against this insidious condition.

Also, an e-oil blend of oregano (Origanum vulgare) and pennyroyal mint (Mentha pelugium) has been shown to be effective against MRSA as well as boosting the effectiveness of amoxicillin.  A blend of Thyme and cinnamon were shown as effective antimicrobial agents against the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections. Per Pubmed article: Essential oils showing in vitro anti MRSA and synergistic activity with penicillin group of antibiotics.

Now, more than ever, it is essential to educate yourself on what alternatives are out there to our current chemical based system of medicine. REsistance is crucial so stop eating processed foods, take your vitamin C supplements, etc. and start shopping around for alternative medicinal supplies. Buy books on natural healing and first aid treatments. Watch videos. Knowledge is power.

P.s., California Prop 65 lists Pennyroyal as a containing a chemical that is known to cause cancer. California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. Really? I was not able to find anything that states a study was done to confirm this however, I did find THIS from cancer.org: Some of the substances listed by OEHHA can affect the reproductive systems of men and/or women. Others are thought to cause cancer. Scientists classify all of these cancer-related substances at least as probable carcinogens, meaning that they might cause cancer in some people. But not all of them are known carcinogens (known to cause cancer) by groups and experts outside the state of California. This means that not every compound labeled as a possible cancer-causing substance has been proven to the worldwide scientific community to actually cause cancer.

So, why did California lump Pennyroyal into their scary substance list? Who knows. Herbalists and other natural healers cannot make claims that certain things heal when they do, but it is ok for states to put something on a cancer causing list without any confirmation that it causes cancer. Seems fair… NOT.


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